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Are you a sceptic or a believer? We spoke to Terri Hall, our resident Star Guidess about clairvoyancy …

> Terri, what is clairvoyance?
Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly, not necessarily just physically, but also a knowing of what an outcome will be. Clairvoyance can be accessed through the mind’s eye, which is also referred to as the third eye (middle of the forehead).

> Is this a gift someone receives, or is it something anyone can develop?
Clairvoyance, like clairsentience (the capacity to feel emotionally), and clairaudience (the skill to hear spirit) are all a part of the human psyche. Our brains are extremely complex, and we all have the opportunity to use these qualities, but whether or not we choose to is an entirely different matter. In my opinion, clairvoyance is just one of the gifts we humans are all born with, and as with most gifts, the more we use them the more proficient we become.

> How difficult is it to tap into this ability?
It is not difficult at all. In fact, it is so easy that a lot of the time we are using it without realising it. Every person has intuition (an inner feeling of right or wrong, good or bad, safety or vulnerability etc.).

We often just act on these impressions and think little more about them. If we kept a diary of each time these feelings have been felt, we would all recognise our ability and how psychic we actually are.

> TV shows like ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Medium’ are very popular. Do you think there is more interest now than in the past?
Absolutely. I also believe more people are opening up to their own clairvoyant ability, and like anything in life, if we can identify with, or hold a fascination for something, we are interested in hearing about it. Psychic phenomena used to be seen as mystical and intriguing, but now it’s becoming more spoken of in society and less taboo.

> How do you find a genuine psychic among the charlatans who are just in it for the money? 
Yes, unfortunately it is a part of human nature that where there is opportunity there will also be opportunists. For this reason I believe it is most important to listen to our own discernment. I always recommend looking into the eyes of the person you are choosing to read for you, as the eyes are the ‘window’ to the soul. If you feel right about it, it’s good. If you don’t feel right, listen. A good reader will not be offended or upset if you choose not to proceed.

> Is it important to protect yourself spiritually?
Dabbling in spirituality without protection would be similar to living in King’s Cross and sleeping with your front door wide open. You may be safe, but equally you may not. As intention is such a fundamental part of reading spiritually, it is a good idea to call on your God belief system. Ask for protection from darkness and deception and to be guided in light, truth and love, as this stops you from being played with.

> Is there anything people having readings should do before a consultation?
The more energy someone puts into their reading the more they will gather from it. Usually pre-meditated questions are the first answers to come out, and this will also allow them to have a more finely tuned knowing if the reader is right for them. Asking for your spirit guides to communicate through the reader will also assist with channelling.

> How long have you been pursuing a spiritual path?
I have been pursuing a spiritual path in different ways most of my life, through religion as a child, through nature as an adult and on a full-time professional basis for 15 years offering clairvoyant readings.

> What other spiritual gifts do you employ?
I enjoy crystal healings with guided meditation, as this combination is very effective for healing purposes, and I love how crystals help to heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I use psychometry (holding personal belongings for impressions) and photo readings. I also get a great buzz out of connection to the other side for clients who have lost loved ones. I appreciate how powerful this is for dealing with grief.

> What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?
I love to see a difference in my client’s energy and demeanour when they leave. To know I have been a conduit in helping make a positive change to someone’s life makes me feel very blessed.

> So how about you personally? How do you use clairvoyance and visions in your life? 
I always listen to the things that are tremendous warnings. I will never ignore serious foreboding. It will make me feel sick in the stomach if I ignore something potentially harmful. I tend to sometimes brush aside the smaller things, like not getting something before I need it (probably through laziness), but I always regret not paying attention and acting on them.

> Do you see spirits as well as visions of something to come?
Since my earliest childhood memories, I have seen spirits. I, as a lot of children do, had a very special spiritual friend. I was blessed to have the parents I have, because they were very supportive and I was never made to feel foolish. In fact, they even encouraged me to speak of her so openly that I never realised they didn’t see her. She was just as much a part of our family as everyone else.

Even though I have learnt a lot, there are still some things I don’t fully understand yet, because sometimes I only see a blurry impression and other times I cannot differentiate between spirit and human.

When I’m relaxed I tend to be more visual than when I try to control it.

Yes, I do receive visions of something yet to come. But I only like to share the nice ones. I try not to give negativity any energy, as it can mess you up emotionally and frighten people.

> Do you see these things externally or internally?
With my eyes open I see externally, but with my eyes closed (in prayer and meditation) I see things internally.

> You often work on radio, giving out readings over the phone. How is a telephone reading different from a face-to-face reading?
When I do readings, I am working in the spiritual realm. So physically speaking, this makes no difference if my client is sitting in front of me or on the other side of the world.

> You write the star guide for Focus each month and have a very strong following. How do you go about writing the monthly stars? 
I use a combination of things to do my Star Guide. Firstly, I channel information through a process called automatic writing (where I am very aware of the word I am writing, vaguely remember the last word I wrote and have not a clue of what word is to come).

So, nothing seems to make sense until the flow of words stop and I read it. I also use my beautiful tarot cards, crystal cards and astrology knowledge.

> How can people contact you for more information?
Easily! Either through Focus (in the Star Guide) or from Rainbow’s Edge on Clarence St, Port Macquarie.

> Thank you Terri. 

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  1. merrilee says:

    I met a lady named Terri in wooloware/Cronulla the business was called The Healing Arts Centre. Is this the same Terri?

  2. Alicia says:

    Hello, I would really like to come and see you. I’m on holidays at Port Macquarie and I leave in Sunday. Can I make an appointment with you? And how much do you charge? I would like to connect to the spirit world and know my future. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  3. Lynette Wilkes says:

    Dear Terri my name is Lynette just wondering if we can do a reading
    things haven’t been going to well for me an I would like to know what direction to take .and how much thank you Lyn

  4. Kim says:

    How do I make an appointment with you? I don’t see anything on this website. I live in Port Macquarie. Would you please let me know when I could come to see you and your rates? Thank you.

  5. kymberley says:

    Hi there i really need to talk to somebody as my granddaughter is seeing things in the home we have had to get in touch with somebody in Newcastle to cleans the house but they say my granddaughter needs to see somebody to help her on the spiritual level as she is only 9 and doesn’t know how to deal with it please can you help and if not you do you know somebody

  6. Kim Potts says:

    Good morning Terry, my name is Kim & I would really like to have a reading with you. I have had a life of constant disappointment & pain. Please let me know how to contact you & also the costs of your time. Thankyou. Kim 0412 298 059

  7. Kelly Eccles says:

    Hi, I would like to make a appointment to see you, my phone number is 0448410754.

    Kind regards


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