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A passion for keeping herself fit and healthy led Joan Newbould to study and train across multiple health modalities, so she could inspire others to Move To Health! Joan believes no one is ever too old to participate in an appropriate exercise programme …

Hi Joan. How did you come to live and work within the Greater Port Macquarie area?

I fell in love with Port Macquarie and its beaches whilst bringing my children here on annual vacation during their school holidays for many years. After a marriage breakup in early 2000s, this seemed the obvious place to relocate my life.

When/where did your interest in training/studying in the health field begin?

I was drawn to the health and wellness industry by my personal passion for being fit, active and healthy myself – as well as an interest in alternate health therapies and meditation. 

In my early 20s, I sustained a back injury, with a medical diagnosis of needing an operation or I would not walk properly by the time I was 40 years old. Being completely against any surgery, I decided to seek treatment by an alternate therapist – with great success. This sparked my enthusiasm to learn more about the various natural healing modalities available at that time. I gained a great passion for the many health benefits and body awareness my injury situation had led me towards.

When my children were all of school age, I started studying fitness training with the Australian Accreditation Council and qualified in 1989 to begin working casually in my local health centres.

In 2002, I attained a Diploma of Health Science in Massage Therapy at TAFE Australia and also completed studies as a Master Reiki practitioner/teacher. I now greatly enjoy sharing all this knowledge, experience and my healing abilities for the benefit of others. 

It’s wonderful to be able to educate and support the people of Port Macquarie region to achieve their desired results of improved physical health and wellbeing, plus emotional balance and harmony in their life.

What modalities are you qualified to teach?

I have professional fitness qualifications in Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Seniors “Active For Life” Gentle Exercise, Posture Ball Training, Heartmoves, and Aqua Aerobics.

I am a qualified Massage Therapist, as well as a Master Reiki practitioner/teacher. 

What’s the history behind the Moving To Health Studio – how long has it been established?

I relocated here from Sydney in 2003 and worked for several gyms in the area, before opening my own unique studio in October 2005, with the intention of helping clients reach physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing in the one centre. I realised that a health studio specialising in small classes based on improved wellbeing, posture correction and safe body movements was needed in Port Macquarie. 

My original studio was opened in a large industrial bay within the industrial area, but I felt the wide open space didn’t suit the intimate atmosphere I was looking for. So in 2011, I purchased the current property, which has a more suitable sized shed that I’ve converted into an intimate, friendly and comfortable studio environment. 

By conducting small classes, I’m able to provide more personalised attention, and each individual is invited to progress at their own pace. Using friendly encouragement, appropriate exercise programs, plus breathing and relaxation techniques, I assist my clients to get their life back onto their own desired track. 

I believe no-one is too old to participate in an appropriate exercise programme, and as Port Macquarie has a large number of retirees, I design my classes to suit their needs and abilities. My motto has always been “Make Moving To Health Your Life Practice”, so the name of my studio seemed obvious to me.

What types of classes/facilities does the studio offer to those who visit?

At Moving To Health, I offer Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Seniors “Active For Life” Gentle Exercise, and Posture Ball training. These classes incorporate all aspects of exercise: cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training, core strengthening, improved balance and falls prevention. They specifically aim to improve health, mobility, vitality, balance and co-ordination, at the same time increasing your peace of mind by helping you to reduce stress and anxiety and improving sleep patterns.

I also run a wellness clinic which offers Remedial Massage Therapy, Master Reiki treatments and initiation attunements, as well as group guided meditation sessions.

Who are your typical clients?

The majority of my participants are female, aged between 40 and 85. There is currently only one regular male participant. My clients come with a large range of fitness levels and physical limitation – so I instruct a variety of exercise options, so that everyone can achieve their highest potential.

What most inspires you about the field you work in?

With most of the conditions that I treat, I aim at preventing the need for the client to undergo surgery by reducing joint restriction and helping to relieve muscular aches and pain, by getting the muscle and joint to function in the appropriate fashion.

My passion is that I am able to inspire and motivate people to make positive lifestyle changes, which result in their improved physical and emotional health, as well as a greater peace of mind. Feeling healthy and happy is about having a physical body that allows you to continue to do the things you love, plus a mind that is clear and calm – so I like to remind my clients to “Take exercise regularly, not seriously!”

What’s on the agenda for both you and the Moving To Health Studio for the rest of this year?

I’m very excited to say that I have only recently activated my web page in the last month or so. I will continue to offer personalised service in an intimate and friendly environment, where each class session is a unique experience of Body, Mind, and Soul. All of my classes and sessions are tailored to suit you and your individual physical limitations or personal requirements.

Where can we contact you?



Mob: 0415 659 262.

Address: 30 Siren Road, Port Macquarie.

Thanks Joan. Interview: Jo Robinson.

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