Monique, Nathan and Hugo Cotterill

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The fitness industry is immense, thriving and growing. From open-platform “Big Box” gyms to sport-specific Training Studios, there is a seemingly endless amount of different types of Training Facilities around the world, all with their own perks and benefits. FOCUS caught up with the owners of Port Macquarie’s F45 …

Can you please introduce yourself and your family to our readers?

Hi! We are Monique and Nathan, and just recently we added our newest edition, baby Hugo, the youngest member of our F45 family.

You are the proud owners of F45 here in Port Macquarie. How long have you lived here for, and what was it about Port Macquarie that drew you to the area?

We have been residents of sunny Port Macquarie for the past two years, moving from Sydney in 2017 after we got married. We lived in an area in Sydney where it took over an hour without traffic to get to the beach, so moving to this coastal area and being 200m away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mid North Coast was a huge drawcard. We love that Port Macquarie feels like a city, yet has this genuine small-town community where everyone knows each other and supports one another.

What is your background in the fitness industry?

Monique: I come from a functional fitness background, with many years’ experience training myself and being involved in community/team sports. 

Nathan: After over 20 years of Rugby League, I hung up the boots to move into functional fitness training. 

They say F45 is a workout like no other; can you explain this?

The best thing about F45 is everyday members can expect to come to the studio with a brand new layout for a brand new class – no two days are ever the same! Every day at F45, the whole body is targeted with functional movements, to assist in everyday living with a combination of cardio and resistance exercises. It really is the fitness revolution that the fitness industry was lacking previously. 

Why did you choose to purchase F45; what is it about this franchise that excites you?

Nathan: If you are going to purchase a business, it has to be something that you honestly believe in. We were looking at purchasing an F45 in Sydney, and luckily enough the one in Port Macquarie came up for sale, and we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. 

Monique: We love the innovative workouts, and being able to be involved in a franchise that honestly changes people’s lives for the better is the icing on the cake. Not many people can go to work each day and say they love their job – we are very lucky! 

F45 is home to the Eight Week Challenge; can you tell us a bit more about this?

The Eight Week Challenge is specifically designed to give you “life-changing results” in just eight weeks through an extremely motivational environment. We use an innovative portal that provides eight weeks of meal plans and macro breakdowns, so you can stay accountable for what you are putting into your body. Our highly accessible app provides a meal plan, shopping lists, recipes, blogs and daily point checklists to help you achieve the best results possible. 

Not only do we give away a huge studio prize to our winner each challenge (the last prize was a trip for two to Thailand), but you can also go in the running to win the global prize of $10,000 in cash, or a $3,000 paid vacation. 

What would be your favourite workout at the gym, and why?

Nathan: Cardio classes for sure! I love the fast-paced movements, high energy and the fact that you can really spike your heart rate if you want to. 

Monique: I love anything with weights – a slow, heavy workout is my jam! In particular, Renegade, which has lots of core exercises specifically designed to help with everyday life. 

How do you keep a healthy mind to go with a healthy body?

With a healthy lifestyle and a regular fitness regime, often a healthy mind comes naturally due to the release of endorphins after exercise. 

With a poor diet, you can feel lethargic and unmotivated, but if you eat right and train regularly, then usually a good mental state will follow. 

What’s your secret between a healthy work/life balance?

A healthy work/life balance is super important, and I’m realising that now more than ever after just having Hugo. I’m super lucky that I have an amazing team who have allowed me to take the time I need to be with my son and get my head around being a mum and not have to worry about too much else at the moment. 

However, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and really appreciating the beautiful place that we live in is a good start. Also, having a healthy mind and body is a huge part of getting the healthy work/life balance; if you feel good about yourself, nothing is impossible.

How can people get more info about F45?

There are so many ways you can get in touch with us:

Phone: 0435 539 562 (Nathan).


Facebook and Instagram. 

In-studio: pop on in and chat with any of our friendly trainers, who can help answer any questions you may have!

Thanks, guys.

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