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Yvonne Kiely, one of our talented local artists, will be exhibiting at the Artist Market on 4th October. Experience her inner world of the heart for a greater sense of well being.

> How would you describe your painting style?

Using mostly mixed media on canvas, I use layers of colour, texture and design to convey layers of meaning. Inspired by the varied tones of the human emotional landscape, my hope is to challenge the viewer to experience my inner world and feel uplifted by it.

> Where do you gain your inspiration from?

My heart. I paint what’s in my heart. It is the passionate and creative desire to paint which drives me to the canvas. That fluid life-energy is my inspiration, more than whatever subject I choose to paint.

The experience and process of creating, for me, is more important than the finished artwork. Creating an artwork involves immersing myself in the journey, rather than focusing on the destination.

When I see a child playing, I don’t think of her skin, her clothes. I think of her playfulness, her innocence, her soul, her wide-eyed curiosity. I try to express just that.

If I go into too much detail with her eyes, hair and clothing, I find it can arrest the movement, giving a formal pattern or shape of reality, instead of the wild, free, flash of spirit.

Artwork by Yvonne Kiely

Artwork by Yvonne Kiely

> You are an art therapist; explain some of the links between art and good health.

Art therapy is a dynamic therapy promoting emotional healing and wellbeing. It requires each of us to participate in our own treatment.

I work as an art therapist with the aged residents in Lourdes Hostel and find it profoundly rewarding to see the life-affirming difference it makes to people’s lives.

Over half the hospitals in the USA incorporate arts and health programs in their basic treatment, and in the UK, arts and health agencies are commonly connected in healthcare projects. It is the only health area in which Australia is lagging behind, but things are changing and it’s great to be part of that change.

Australian Health agencies are increasingly using the arts as an effective approach to improving health and wellbeing, in primary care, community health, health promotion and education.

> Some of your work is on display at Rydges Vue Café with Lucy Pascale. How did this come about?

I feel privileged to be sharing this space with Lucy. I love her work. The Rydges idea was instigated by Artist Market events manager, Necia Sarks. The exhibition changes every month and will show more works from other exceptionally talented locals from The Artist Market.

One of my paintings sold in the first week to a European tourist, who was delighted to purchase local art so readily.

> You do a lot of art tuition, as well as classes for adults and children at school holiday activities at Spotlight and The Glasshouse. What do you love most about this aspect?

I like the way adults relax and become like children playing, just having some special time out for themselves. I love the way they can’t believe what great masterpieces they are capable of creating!

The kids work just blows me away; the stuff they create is spectacularly honest, and I love to help encourage and inspire them. And they inspire me, so it’s a very creative situation!

> Where can people view and purchase your artworks?

At The Artist Market In the grounds of the Maritime Museum on Pacific Drive on the first Sunday of each month and at The Creative Studio, Port Macquarie Spotlight, Monday to Wednesday or by appointment, phone 6583 9887.

> Thank you Yvonne.

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