Wildside Adventure Race

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If you like to mountain bike ride, hike, kayak and work as part of a team, set aside the weekend of October 3 and 4  for some top notch action and excitement.

Richard Old from Fully Rad Adventures explains the upcoming Wildside Adventure Race, which will take place in and around Wauchope. All you need is your own mountain bike, trekking gear, and some teammates … although a sense of adventure and the ability to read maps wouldn’t go astray either!

Hi Richard. Introduce us to Fully Rad Adventures, your business …

Fully Rad Adventures is a small outdoor events company based in Forster that is creating a whole new market for outdoor events. Founded in 2012 by my wife, Danielle Donnelly, and I, our events span adventure racing and exploration, a kids obstacle course, a night obstacle race with spooky Hollywood theatrics, even something for man’s best friend. Diverse as they are, every Fully Rad adventure delivers an outdoor experience that is fun, rewarding and memorable.

The main goal with Full Rad Adventures is to get people outside and active. We see this as critical for people’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. But for every reason to get outside, there is another to stay inside. There’s every type of media distraction imaginable. But there’s also something else – a growing number of people who are craving to be active in a fun way and create memories that are as rich as holidays.

Our events are designed for that emerging wave, with a focus on opportunity and completion – not competition. Our aim is to delight through unexpected surprises and enabling people to do their best – at whatever level that may be.

Every event we do is different, but with Fully Rad you can count on an experience that:

– is novel and fun

– gets you outside enjoying the outdoors

– challenges you

– fosters personal growth in surprising ways

– gives back to the community or a charity.

You’re organising an exciting event, the Wildside Adventure Race in our local area this year. When and where will this event be held, and what time will it kick off each day?

This year’s Wildside Adventure Race is a 12/24 hour adventure race for teams of two or four. Teams will navigate on mountain bike, on foot and by kayak across a course they only get the maps for hours before race start. They will encounter challenges as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night, moving through the course from checkpoint to checkpoint.

The race will be based in Wauchope, which is a beautiful part of Greater Port Macquarie, starting on Saturday 3rd October at 12pm. The 12 hour teams will then have until midnight to finish and the 24 hour teams until noon the next day. Most 24 hour teams will race through the night with no sleep!

It has been great exploring the local region, finding new places and secret spots and then using them to create an exciting course. We have some fun stuff planned for the teams, and locals will get a chance to see first hand what adventure racing is all about.

What’s the aim of the Wildside Adventure Race … what do you hope competitors will take away from the experience?

The Wildside Adventure Race is about the journey – discovering that adventure is everywhere. It is about challenging yourself, taking you to new places and out of your comfort zone. It is about showcasing incredible landscapes and providing regions an opportunity to connect people with places. Racers will get to see a lot of the area around Wauchope and some parts in a whole new light (and dark!) Some will know the areas around Wauchope better than some of the locals.

WildsideAR will take racers to the wilds. Teams will navigate through spaces rarely visited. They will not only learn about where they are racing but also more about themselves. This is one of the underlying goals of the event. The journey that WildsideAR will take racers on will be life changing, expanding their physical and mental capabilities – this growth, in turn, impacting not only their sporting life but also their personal and work life. Once you have finished an adventure race, other challenges and obstacles in day-to-day life start to have less effect.

Describe the course and the action …

The course makes the race. It is, however, secret until race morning. At the early briefing teams will be given maps, a series of checkpoints and transition area (TA) locations. Using this information, they plot their own course based on their ability and map reading skills, prepare their equipment and create their race strategy. What I can divulge is that WildsideAR is about discovery and will capture the unique personality of Wauchope and surrounds, but from a completely different perspective.

The course will cover approx 150 km, with the majority off road. Competitors will move through the course by navigating to checkpoints on foot, mountain bike and kayak. They can expect to be pushed to the limit.

What level of skill/fitness is required of competitors?

WildsideAR 12/24hr has been designed to cater for all levels of fitness. If you can ride a bike, paddle a kayak and walk, then you can complete the race. The course, CP placement and TA locations will be designed with options. For places and prizes, a team will have to secure all CPs; however, slower teams may elect to drop particular CPs in the interests of finishing the leg/race within the time cut offs. This will keep the race “moving” and teams closer together.

There will be some tough sections though, and this is where the team’s part of adventure racing kicks in, as team mates rally together to overcome a challenge.

Is there an age limit for competitors?

The race is open to anyone over the age of 16; however, if a racer is under 18, then they will need to have an adult in the team. WildsideAR is a teams event, so individual entries aren’t accepted.

A key part of this sport is the teamwork aspect. Teams will have to work together to find checkpoints and successfully finish. Most of these events cater for teams of four, which is why we created the 2-person team category. It shouldn’t be too hard to find at least one other person to get a dose of adventure. All you need is a mountain bike and trekking gear. We can provide everything else.

If adventure racing isn’t your thing, how else can you become involved in WildsideAR? Are you looking for volunteers … and are there any good vantage points where people can spectate along the course?

One of Fully Rad’s key aims is participation. This does not have to be racing, though. We are always after volunteers for TAs or race HQ and would love to work in with local community groups.

If you are keen to get a glimpse into the world of adventure racing, visiting a TA is the best way to get into the action. These are a hive of activity, with teams coming and going throughout the day and night. The course and TA locations will be available on the website once the course has been released to racers. www.wildsideadventurerace.com.au

Who would you like to thank for supporting Wildside AR?

This year’s event has had some great support from the Timbertown Resort & Motel, the Forestry Corporation and Port Macquarie-Hasting Council. We are still looking for local supporters and would love to hear from any businesses that would like to connect with adventure racers from across Australia.

Where can people register for the event or find out more info?

Entries for WildsideAR are open until mid September. Information on the race and how to enter can be found on the race website: www.wildsideadventurerace.com.au

We can also help people find teammates. So if you are interested in getting involved, drop us a line or connect through Facebook.

Thanks Richard.

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