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One of Australia’s most prolific female musical influences, Wendy Matthews is back on the road with a full band behind her and a collection of her all time classics …

Hi Wendy. It’s been a few years since we last chatted with you. I can imagine there are too many tales to be told from this time, but what have been a couple of special moments you would like to share?

Well, I’ve travelled an awful lot. Life has changed personally for me; my 18 year old Border Collie, Bear, left me; she died last October. So life is pretty different at the moment, but I’m really trying to enjoy it as far as work and being able to pick up and go, get in my car, and do what I need to do.

I’m feeling very creative these days, and doing lots of interesting gigs and travelling with my guys. We’ve got a full band thing going on at the moment, whereas for the last year we’ve been doing a slightly scaled down Billie Holiday show.

This tour is a greatest hits tour, which is very exciting for me! What are you looking forward to about dusting off the classics?

They really do take on a life of their own, some of these songs … I think if you don’t follow the absolute trends of music, some of them can be timeless. People go to hear songs; I know I go to a concert to hear songs that I know and loved at one stage! We stick to the basics, but musically I think it’s a freshen up of everything for us, as well with the audience.

I haven’t had some of those songs on record for around 20 years, so I’m just going on memory.

Your songs have resonated deeply with many. Is there any music that takes you to a special place?

Many, although I must say I don’t really listen to the radio anymore. I love things that pin me up against the wall the first time I hear them; lyrics have a lot to do with it. And lots of women … Annie Lennox, probably did that to me last, with her song, Love Song for a Vampire.

What have you got planned once this tour wraps up?

A few of us are heading over to Nashville for a couple of months to record a new record. I’m just writing for it now; I’ve only got a couple of songs so far, but I really don’t want the pressure … We are just taking our time as far as being creative.

I’m at the mercy of inspiration! I just sort of sit up at 4am after a dream or something; I’m not a structured songwriter. I just have to wait until it comes to me.

So anyway, I’m just hoping for the inspiration of a new place, nothing familiar. I’m heading over there for some inspirational vibe whilst recording!

Thanks Wendy.



Be sure to experience Wendy Matthews Performs Her Greatest Hits at Laurieton United Services Club; August 12. Doors 7:30pm; show 8pm.
Phone: 6559 9110.

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