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Her energy is electric … a bubbly, fun and super excited Yellow Wiggle, Emma, shares with FOCUS her unbridled enthusiasm for the new look Wiggles, as they get ready for their ‘Taking Off’ tour and wiggle their way up the Mid North Coast, entertaining their young fans as they go!

Congratulations on becoming the first female Wiggle! What has the reception been like for you?
We’ve had such a positive response; we were hoping for positive, but it has actually  been super positive!

We had a few shows at Dreamworld in the middle of January to get ready for Hyde Park; we had some great feedback, and you know the people who came to see us are people who loved The Wiggles and The Wiggles songs, and they are now loving the new Wiggles. It’s all the same, but with a different energy and different vibe.

Give us some background about yourself as an entertainer and your history as a part of The Wiggles group?

Well, I have grown up a dancer my whole life, and I used to watch The Wiggles when I was younger – I am the perfect Wiggle generation I guess (laughs).

I actually appear in the audience of one their (earlier) shows with my sister dancing!

So I have always danced, and I got an audition to be Fairy Larissa on the Dorothy the Dinosaur Show, and I was really lucky and got the part. So I toured as the Fairy doing ballet for a little bit and appeared on the DVDS, then The Wiggles found out that I had been to film school; I studied film editing at the Sydney Film School. They wanted me to come and shoot some behind the scenes footage for them while they were on tour. So I started that, and then I merged into a wiggly dancer while we were on tour and on The Wiggles Shows – and I got to meet The Wiggles, which was really exciting! And about a year and half later, I got asked to be a Wiggle!

It’s been a real whirlwind, but you feel like you’ve been here for 10 years … and I’ve only been here for three.

So you do have some big shoes to fill … what is it that fans are going to love about Emma?

Umm, well definitely my dancing! I bring a lot of that to the show – even though Wiggly dancing is very unique in its own right, and Anthony is the real star of that kind of dance! But I think it is really nice for Dorothy to have someone to do the ballet with, and I can definitely ‘shake it out’ with Wags The Dog – that’s pretty exciting. But I also play the drums, so that brings a great Rock chick girl component.

It sounds like it is very FUN job to have – does it ever get stressful?

It’s more that there are a lot of things to fit in the day – I don’t even know where I sleep!

It’s actually really, really fun! And we have just been recording some stuff for our album that is coming out later in the year. But even just doing all the filming for our new DVD, Taking Off, which comes out about 6 March … I don’t think I stopped laughing! In some of the clips you will see me actually laughing!

So a new era with new members and as you just mentioned, some new DVDs and songs. What’s the behind scenes like when making new songs for your fans …

We have had such a great time, because we have been given time to write songs ourselves and it’s not just the sounds of the old Wiggles; there are another three people collaborating on the album. So we are getting a lot of positive feedback about the new voices and the fact there is a girl’s voice now too.

Between Lachy and Simon, Simon has the lowest voice that I have ever heard, and I think his range is so great, and Lachy is in the middle, but he can be very high as well – that’s pretty cool. I think that the three of us cross over really well.

We have been writing new songs for release later in the year – that’s exciting; in fact, it is too exciting! It’s unbelievable that there is even more stuff to come out even after Taking Off, so we can’t wait to get on tour and just start it!

So what is your favourite song to perform then?

Uuurrgghhhh! (Laughs). I have a new favourite song every two weeks!

But for the Taking Off tour, my favourite is the Glasses song – especially because I wear glasses, and that is how kids relate to things (with what relates to themselves). I relate to that, ‘cause I do wear glasses. And I really like Do the Propeller, which is really dancy and about getting your arms out and moving them like a propeller on a plane.

So, the tour kicks off soon. What can we expect to see at the shows?

If you LOVE The Wiggles – all Wiggles – then you will love this show. It has all the songs that people will recognise, like Hot Potato, Hot Potato and Big Red Car and also a lot of new songs, a new energy and vibe, and you can learn new dances like Do the Propeller.

But we do need to remember that Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Dorothy will all still be there.

Ok, a quick round of questions:

Nickname: Em-vee.

Favourite colour: Pink … no … yellow!

Favourite food: Sushi.

Favourite dance move: The ‘Wiggle’ move.

Favourite Wiggle friend: Dorothy!

Thanks Emma.

This article can be found in issue 88 of Greater Port Macquarie Focus

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