Wauchope Lions Club Antique Fair

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Whether you’re a collector, antique-lover or simply like stamps, coins, old clocks, vases, phones – even Vegemite jars – you’ll probably find it at the Wauchope Lions Club Antique Fair on September 8 and 9.
Greg Cavanagh and Jim Munro from Lions explain why a trip to the Fair is a fabulous day out!


What position/s do you hold with the Wauchope Lions Club, and how long have you been involved?

Jim: I’m the President for 2012/2013 and have been in Lions for 28 years. I’m the Chair of the Lions Club Antique and Collectible Fair Committee.

Greg: I’m the past President of the club, and I’m a member of the Antique Committee. I’ve been in Lions for 7 years.

What’s the aim of the Lions Antique Fair?

Jim: The Lions Antique Fair has two main purposes. The main reason for the Fair, and the section that attracts the most interest, is providing a venue for people who have a range of unusual and interesting collectibles to show those items off to the public, in association with like minded collectors

Secondly, we invite traders in collectibles and antiques to man stalls at the show to sell to the public and other collectors.

The Lions Club charges a small fee for traders and exhibitors and an entry fee to the public. Sale and price of items is based purely on a trading basis between sellers and buyers, and Lions Club does not become involved in this role or charge any sort of commissions on trading.

All monies raised by Lions on the day will be donated to local and national charities and community support organisations like cancer, eyesight and hearing research, as well as flood and famine appeals and individual projects like purchase of a special wheelchairs for a disabled child. Every year Lions receives many requests from the public for financial support, as crisis or critical situations occur.

When and where will the Lions Antique Fair be held this year?

Greg: Again, the Fair will be held in the very spacious and public friendly Wauchope Showgrounds. There is plenty of parking, very level paved walking areas and nearby toilets. The majority of displays will be in the main hall under cover, so even if it rains you will still be able to view the wonderful exhibits in comfort.

The Fair will be held from 9am to 4pm, Sat 8 and 9am to 1pm, Sun 9 September.

What types of items are you expecting the fair to attract this year?

Jim: Over past years, the Fair has attracted exhibits of over 100 different types of items, and early nominations indicate that this year the display will be bigger and better. Some of the items that people collect are truly amazing, from Vegemite jars to laundry paraphernalia.

The old saying that “one man’s junk is another’s hobby” is certainly on display at the Fair.

Greg: It is always interesting listening to the comments and seeing the facial expressions of people who spot something in a display that they have at home, or had as a child – or more concern to them, something they just got rid of and did not know its value to a collector.

There is no limit to what people do and can collect and have fun with, and most collectors really enjoy the opportunity to share the visual aspect of their hobby with others. Some collections have taken a lifetime to amass and are often items handed down by family and added to as the collector’s desire broadens.

What are some of the more unusual items that have been for sale/on display at previous year’s Fairs?

Greg: The most unusual collections I have seen would be the range of telephones from the first one invented, up to  the 1960s, and possibly the range of Vegemite jars. I can remember some as a child, but the later years’ ones are unique.

What entertainment/food/beverages will be available on the day, and will there be an entry fee for Fair goers?

Jim: The Lions Club will be providing a very tasty sausage sizzle at a small fee, and tea/coffee/biscuits will be available in the hall. Lions would really like your attendance to enjoy this great spectacle and have a great day out.

Where can people interested in attending the Fair go to find out more information?

Jim: contact me on 6585 4744 or Gordon 6585 1079.

Thanks Jim and Greg.

This story was published in issue 82 Port Macquarie

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