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Joan and John Blackburne have made the move to The Cove and plan to travel more, thanks to the low maintenance of their new home.

Tell us what led you to purchase your new home at COVE.

They say that every picture tells a thousand stories and when we saw the aerial shot of the new development Cove, we immediately agreed that this was where we wanted to live in the next stage of our life.

Having lived and enjoyed the canals for 13 years at 102 River Park Road and now wanting a low maintenance home, as well as being attracted to the sign of the development: “Do you want to live here?”… the answer was, “YES!” We then made contact with the delightful Graham Cunning – the developer. He responded immediately and we met that day, and he introduced us to the builder from HB Constructions, Chris Howard.

During our journey through life, we have built 7 homes. We immediately felt comfortable with Graham and Chris and felt that they would be involved with our next home.

Describe the building process and how involved you were.

These two laid back fellows were so easy to talk to, and we bombarded them with all sorts of questions. No pressure at any time and during the course of that meeting, we chose our block of land to build our dream home.

Arrangements were then made for us to meet with the Architect, as we wanted to be fully involved with all aspects of the home, right from the beginning. After a few more meetings with Graham and Chris, we designed our home.

How important was it to be able to customise your home?

It was of great importance to us to customise our home, and this home is fully customised to our specifications. We had input every step of the way, and the builders, Chris Howard and Tim Bardell and their crew were a pleasure to be involved with. Any question was attended to immediately, and we were in constant contact with them. They would advise us of what was happening at all times. The building of the home was a very pleasant experience.

The trades and suppliers were of great assistance to us in co-ordinating the final result – of which we are absolutely thrilled .

What do you love most about your new home and neighbourhood?

The neighbourhood is a very pleasant one in which to live and is in close proximity to shopping, cafés, restaurants and clubs. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy a nice meal and wine and them walk back home without the worry of driving. There are many beautiful walks from our home, and a brisk walk to the CBD is 15 minutes.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

We are both members of Port Macquarie Golf Club. The course is rated one of the best on the Mid North Coast and only ten minutes’ drive from Cove. There is abundant wildlife on the course and if the golf is off, the walk is so serene.

Any spare time we have is devoted to golf and other leisure activities. With a daughter in the USA and another in Darwin and grandchildren in WA and scattered throughout the country, we can now enjoy more travel time due to the design and low maintenance of our new home.

Advice to others considering making the move?

Do it now; you will have no regrets. Cove will keep increasing in value!

Thanks Joan and John.



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