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 Veronique Bosshard is a recognised identity among the local art scene, not only as a supporter but as a respected artist whose collections have travelled with her all over the world.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland and now an Australia Citizen residing in Port Macquarie, her purring accent falls from her lips like an artwork in itself.
Ever so passionately, she guides me through her studio, aka, immaculate home, each room filled with old work, new work, embroidered pillows and intricate masks. She’s even designed gorgeous labels for expensive wine bottles throughout her time as an artist (and every artist knows how important wine is!). It is clear that she is strongly drawn to themes as exotic as the harlequin, marionettes and delicate detail. Ever so precise and distinctive in style, she has no boundaries – working with paper, jewellery, charcoal, watercolour or fabric. There are no barriers, just exploration and a vision to achieve fine taste.

Her folio is heavy, exuding an experience and journey that has proved her accomplishments. And each page I turn illustrates to me that she has seen every corner of the art world … mingled with the stars … whisked off to Europe for a private showing … earnt a degree in journalism along the way and of course, earning a queue of admirers too.

Veroniques art is a reflection of her upbringing.

Veronique's art is a reflection of her upbringing.

Veronique herself has dedicated her life to introducing those less fortunate to the inspiring world of art. Camp Quality, Ronald McDonald House, the Australian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Blue Ribbon Charity and Careflight are just some of the Foundations that have been on the receiving end of her magic.

She has helped to raise over $100,000 through the use of her paintbrush, motivation and deepest respect for those who need it most. Art, that is. Upon a brief Sunday afternoon browse, she gives me a sneak preview to the collection. I am pleasantly surprised to see the poetic face of her characters looking back at us, brought to life with flecks of colour and deep maroons and blue hues. Her precision in style is certainly to be admired. She polishes them off with thick gold frames – a sure sign of their special and elite calibre.

Obviously, art is not just a weekend hobby, for Veronique – it is her way of life. A professional, a seasoned bohemian, loving wife and doting grand mother, the zest that this well travelled artist emulates in her work, a mirage of her passion, a kaleidoscope of colour and a special touch to any home or workplace.

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  1. Jaccard Martial says:

    Bonjour Véronique,

    Je suis très heureux de savoir que tu es heureuse si loin de Genève, cela doit faire trente ans que ne n’avais plus de nouvelles, peut-être ne te souviendras tu plus de moi, mais en ce cas tant pis, je te souhaite encore beaucoup de bonheur sur ce continent qui doit être si merveilleux et si grand.

    Meilleures pensées à toi, bien amicalement


  2. Alain Koller says:

    Étonnant de te retrouver par l’intermédiaire de cet outil qui n’existais pas.. j’ai su par Nathalie que ta nouvelle vie aux antipodes t’avais sauvée.. meilleurs messages et amicales pensées du bout du lac (tu sais lequel !!!)

  3. Ingrid and Charly says:

    Hey Veronique

    hello, it’s a long time ago that we have seen you!!! We are still in Zurich and hope to here from you
    soon on e-mail!
    lots of love et bisou de la Suisse
    Ingrid and Charly with Selina and Kevin

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