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Since taking out 4 Golden Guitars at this year’s Country Music Awards, Troy has gone on to appear in the hit television series, ‘It Takes Two’ with Home & Away star Kate Ritchie and is currently touring the Mid-West of the USA with Tommy Emmanuel. This October 28th, Troy will be appearing at ‘A Day on the Green’, right here in Port Macquarie at Cassegrain Wines.

> You will be in Port Macquarie for ‘A Day on the Green’ in October along with The Whitlam’s and Diesel. Have you had a chance to enjoy the area much in the past?

Yes as I grew up in Grafton and I spent a lot of time in the Port Macquarie area – it’s a beautiful part of the world and I have some fond memories of spending some of my childhood there.

> You first became involved in the music industry as an 11 year-old boy at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and continued on into your own band ‘Little Eagle’ at age 16. What initially attracted you to singing?

Without a doubt it was my mother’s influence. She had a passion for country music and at the end of most weeks, when she got paid from her job on the railways (she worked in the dining car), she would take me to the local record store and we would treat ourselves by buying a country album – records by Lefty Frizzell, Merle Haggard and Slim Dusty were just some of the albums we would buy. We would then go home and listen over and over to the new record with me trying to work out how to play particular songs. Our house was full of music all the time!

> What events have happened throughout your life to shape your career?

Undoubtedly meeting my beautiful wife Laurel, the birth of both our children – Clay and Gem – and of course, my first visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

> What do you believe has been the highlight of your career to date?

It’s hard to pick a single event, however having Slim Dusty sing a duet with me on ‘The Biggest Disappointment’ would be one of the main highlights. I had called Slim’s office asking permission to record ‘The Biggest Disappointment’ and low and behold Slim himself called me back. I couldn’t believe it! He then asked if he could sing a duet on the track. What an honour and one I will never forget.

> You made a cameo appearance in the 1996 comedy ‘Race the Sun’ performing in a bar. What was the experience like and would you ever consider a career in acting?

While I really enjoyed appearing in ‘Race The Sun’ especially getting to meet and spend time with Halle Berry and Jim Buleshi, music is still my passion and if a suitable part came along I would probably consider it. Although it’s not something that I have my sights set on.

> During your career you have created five albums and won four Golden Guitars along the way. What can you tell us about your sixth album ‘Brighter Day’ which has been said to be your career-making album?

‘Brighter Day’ is undoubtedly the album that is the most “me”! It’s essentially made up of songs that I had written around my years of growing up in Northern NSW and is a very personal album. The bonus is that it’s been accepted so well and I am really enjoying getting out and performing it live around the country and recently in the USA.

> You’ve collaborated with many musicians for the new album including Kasey and Nash Chambers, Paul Kelly and Jimmy Barnes. What have they brought to “Brighter Day”?

The involvement of Paul, Kasey, Jimmy and Nash came about largely because of our similar taste in music and so in their own way they all contribute in a very musical way and not just because they are “names” in the industry – their involvement goes way beyond that!

> At the moment you’re touring the Mid-West U.S.A. with Tommy Emmanuel. How has it felt to play alongside such a great guitarist?

I have known Tommy for many years – in fact we recorded a duet together in the late 90’s – so it was a real honour when he asked me to tour with him in the USA. As I said before, it has not only given me an opportunity to work with someone who I believe to be the most “complete” guitarist on the planet, but also let me have three weeks of the most incredible guitar lessons you could ever imagine!

> You were partnered with Kate Ritchie for ‘It Takes Two’ on Channel 7. Was the television series a welcome change?

Yes it was fantastic, although a serious challenge at times – mainly because Kate and I both were out of our comfort zones. It was a big commitment too but fantastic to work with the professional people involved such as Kate and Chong (the Musical Director) and his band.

> What should we expect to hear from Troy Cassar-Daley in the future?

I think I have a few more albums in me yet so I am looking forward to the future in those terms. I am also keen to continue to challenge myself – whether it be in a TV show, touring overseas or collaborating with other songwriters and artists

> Thank you for your time Troy.

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