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LV’s have been open now for a couple of weeks. Have you enjoyed starting your own restaurant, and what has the feedback been like?





Yes, it’s been great – a real learning experience. All the long and hard hours are worth while when we come to work each day and see the transformation. It’s so exciting to see what each day brings.

What can we expect when we come to eat at LV’s?

The best locally sourced produce this region has to offer. My style of cooking allows the flavours of the food to speak for themselves – but of course, with a little twist. Great coffee, Paul Basset Espresso and beautiful loose leaf chemical free bunels from the ‘tea people’ located in Coffs Harbour. Excellent friendly service.

Has owning your own restaurant been something that you have always dreamt of?

Owning my own restaurant is something I’ve wanted to do since beginning my apprenticeship, and I was so excited when I found this site on 74 Clearance Street with prime water views – a perfect size for functions or that Sunday morning breakfast with the family and friends.

What will be the point of difference when dining at LV’s?

Not only have we sourced the best possible ingredients, we have finished it off with the finer details of beautiful blossom tea pots and locally made wooden boards to serve our slider burgers and steaks on.

We make everything possible in house, including cold smoking our salmon for the Eggs Benedict, using the wood shavings from the production of our boards. Another great feature is the local artworks we have displayed throughout the café for sale, which will change regularly. Our current artist is Amanda Buntschu.

Tell us a bit about the menu?

We have a short menu based on what’s in season and available from the local farmers. Specials change regularly, with slider of the day, truffles, cakes and slices. Local pork belly with sour cherry jam, cauliflower and roasted eschalot is a house favourite.

This story was published in issue 77 of Port Macquarie Focus 

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