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From writing a book to touring with his band, writing and releasing a new LP –  Tim Rogers has literally done all this plus more in a 12 month period. FOCUS managed to pin him down for a quick chat whilst on his De-Touring tour …

Hi Tim. So, this year has been massive, and I’m a bit baffled as to how you have managed to write a book, release an LP and tour, all within 12 months. Tell us about this book you’ve written …

I was approached by a literary agent and publicist about writing a book. I let them know that I wasn’t interested in writing an autobiography, and they said, “Great, we’re not either – but we like the way you write and would you like to try something?”

It started out with some short fictions and then moved more into memoir pieces, and they were working better than the fiction. Fictions are a thing where you have to have the dedication and the skill, which I just haven’t got yet. So, when this was proposed to me as a job, I thought, “Well, these people are putting their trust in me to do it” – and it’s worked well.

It was a very invigorating experience. I feel like a little part of my brain has been opened up that I don’t want to close.

So writing wasn’t something you’d really dabbled with in-depth in the past?

Just some little journalism pieces I had been asked to do for a couple of publications. The journalism side’s very interesting, and that’s something I’ll keep trying to pursue – just honing a craft, really.

The show “De-Touring” isn’t just a straight up set list of songs; there’s a bit of a twist …

Well, over the past two years, it’s easy to forget even though I’m primarily a musician, how invigorating and how wonderful just playing songs can be – so I’m really just interested in getting out, jumping in a car, travelling and playing songs  … Just getting out there.

Thanks Tim.

A few further words from Tim …

The year was set aside to do a thesis on (Canadian maestros) Rush and their divisive ‘keyboard’ era and learn how to tie my own shoelaces, but I got waylaid by a love of reading and the ever-shifting notion of ‘cocktail hour’ and wound up writing a book. What a bloody nerve. What a cheek. What an editor … If this is to be my reaction to writing and recording an LP, I’m exceptionally proud and feeling it disappear into the ether, then God and Satan save us all. ‘An Actor Repairs’ was an LP made with love and not a lot else, despite a reliance on enthusiasm and the ability to stretch a budget under a charlatan’s smoke-cloud of enthusiasm. After taking ‘What Rhymes With Cars And Girls’ to some regions over the next months, I’m going to go out and play songs about repairing actors and unfixable humans. Because that is what we do. Us repairing humans. In human form, Rogers repairs forthwith and foreheaded”. 



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