There’s A New Band In Town; CONVEX

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Convex draws its inspiration from melodic and hard rock, metalcore and hardcore, and their unique sound has already attracted airplay on triple j. The guys have just released their debut EP, Last Man Standing, which they describe as a tale of struggle and rebirth …

Introduce us to Convex – who are the band’s members, and what instruments do they play?

We’re a melodic metalcore band from Port Macquarie. Our members are Chris Dunn on vocals, Nigel Barnes on guitars and Andrew Morrow, also on guitars. We’re currently seeking dedicated, passionate musicians to become our bass player and drummer.

How was Convex formed – how did you get together as a band?

All three of us have been passionate about music our whole lives. We started jamming around two years ago and have recently made the leap into a more professional direction and found our sound.

Andrew: I’ve played guitar since I was thirteen and after being in a few garage bands in my teenage years, I was lucky enough to have opportunity to form a more serious project.

Nigel: I’ve always been a passionate fan of music, especially the local scene over the years. I’m stoked to finally be a part of my own project, creating the music I enjoy with some close mates.

Chris: I’ve grown up my whole life loving music in a family that has always encouraged me to chase my interests. Andrew and I started off with punk roots and grew to love the metal scene.

Describe the band’s sound …

We draw influence from a number of genres, including metalcore, hardcore, melodic and hard rock. We certainly don’t fit into any one genre. Having musical influences from bands like Parkway Drive, Architects and as far back as Black Sabbath, it’s allowed us to create something we feel is entirely unique.

You’ve recently released your first EP, Last Man Standing. Tell us about the inspiration behind some of the tracks, and describe the process of putting this EP together …

We view Last Man Standing as a journey; it’s an EP of struggle and rebirth. The first track, Harbinger, represents a coming crisis. This is followed by Survive, the story of fighting to overcome. The third track, Diurnus, is about building confidence and strengthening yourself. The final track, LMS, is a celebration of making it through and being ready to take on the world.

We would hope that people can relate, with all of us facing our own demons, that our message is one of the human condition. We’d be honoured if people took something more from our EP, but in the least that they enjoyed the music.

What recognition/airplay have you received so far?

Recently we were aired on triple j’s The Racket after the host discovered our music on triple j Unearthed. He went as far to say that he expects big things from us, and we were humbled by this reception.

At the time of going to print with this interview, we were up to #9 on the triple j Unearthed Metal Charts. Unearthed have also requested us to record a 30 second artist minibio to be played alongside our music, which is now officially on regular rotation on triple j Unearthed radio.

We’ve had over nine hundred plays of the EP since it’s gone online.

How would you describe the hardcore/metal music vibe locally at the moment … Anything noteworthy happening?

Over the past few years, the scene has been pretty quiet. During the mid 2000s the scene was picking up and going large with bands like Sulo, Pink Stick and Killcare Beach. Towards the end of the 2000s and early 2010s, the scene picked up once more after a quiet period, with bands like Abel Tasman and Hands Of Ruin getting shows up and going again.

After yet another dormant period, bands like Solemnly Swear, Diamond Construct, Within Arms Reach and Last Days Here have got the Mid North Coast metal scene happening again. There’s an upcoming show literally entitled “The Return of the Scene” coming up in May [Port Youth Hub, 28th May at 6pm].

What is Convex’s credo or motto?

At the end of the day, none of us could picture life without music; it’s such a big part of who we are. It’s a natural extension of who we are as mates. If we can make music that people can enjoy while we hang out, that’s ticking an item off the bucket list.

Where can readers download your music or come to listen to you play?

You can check us out on Facebook, Bandcamp and Unearthed. (Hopefully on the radio again soon ha ha.) Once we’ve completed our line up, we intend to play shows as soon as possible. If anyone’s interested in applying for the band, you can contact us via Facebook or email (

Thanks guys.

Interview by Jo Atkins. Photo by Dillon Gibbs.

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