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The Wauchope Lions Club are holding their annual Antique and Collectables Fair, with the weekend set to deliver an interesting and entertaining event for everyone! Jim Munro and Greg Cavanagh from the Wauchope Lions Club fill us in …

What’s the history behind the Antique and Collectables Fair?

Greg The Antique and Collectables Fair was first held in 1992. Members of the local collectors club, after visits to Fairs in nearby towns, believed that such an event would be a success in Wauchope.

Long-time organiser, Wauchope resident and fervent collector, Henry Higgins, tells us that the local Fair was held in Wauchope originally, then twice held in Port Macquarie, but returned to Wauchope − where it is now a regular event.

When and where will this year’s fair be held?

Greg The Fair will be held on 10 and 11 September at the Wauchope showground. Opening hours will be 9am – 4pm Saturday and 9am – 1pm Sunday.

This is a great venue, where visitors, exhibitors and dealers have access to ample parking, easy site access and camping facilities. All sites will be under cover in the large, airy and well lit main hall.

Jim: The Wauchope Lions Club is again hosting the fair, and Lions is responsible for accepting all site applications from dealers and exhibitors. Application forms have been posted to participants from last year’s fair, but any other people wanting to be part of the fair can contact Lions through the contacts listed below.

Is there an entry fee for visitors to the fair?

Jim: Lions will charge a $5 entry fee for public admission and will have their well known sausage sizzle in full swing for those feeling a little peckish during their viewing of the many varied and colourful displays.

What types of exhibits are you expecting at this year’s event?

Greg: There are 101 categories of exhibitions, and most are expected to attract many exhibitors.

Some of the categories are Depression glassware, cameras, tin toys, kerosene lamps, teapots, fine china, Avon products, Vegemite jars and 39 categories of bottles and associated items.

Many people have taken a lifetime to amass their collections, and many items displayed are both unique, old and in some cases, very valuable. Most people start collecting as a passing interest, which develops into a life-long activity, and they enjoy displaying their collection to an often amazed and thankful public.

Some dealers will trade at the Fair, and visitors can often pick up a great bargain or add to their own collectibles.

What are some of the most unusual collections you’ve seen exhibited at the fair in previous years?

Greg: Mr Higgins remembers the most unusual exhibits of past years as being displays of barbed wire, shaving gear, bottle tops, old tins and hat pins. There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why people collect any particular item − just that when they start, it seems hard to stop.

Those who watch The Collectors and other similar shows on TV will have seen similar very unusual collections and the interest expressed by the public at every collectibles display.

Apart from the exhibits, what else will be available to entertain the crowds on the day?

Greg: It is hoped that the local vehicle restorers club will display some old vehicles to enhance the theme of the day, and Lions also expects that our local Country and Western group will perform and entertain visitors.

There is plenty of parking and as mentioned, Lions will provide a very tasty BBQ.

How will the Wauchope Lions Club use the funds raised at this year’s event to benefit the community?

Greg: Monies raised on the day will be used to fund the many and varied Lions national projects, such as Cancer research, natural disaster relief, seeing-eye dog support and hearing difficulty research.

On the local front, funds raised will help support disabled children, our local hospital and community swimming pool and public facilities like bus seats and litter removal from our streets.

Who can people contact if they are either interested in exhibiting or wish to know more about the fair?

Jim: Wauchope Lions invites and welcomes everybody to come to the Antique and Collectables Fair, enjoy the amazing displays and generally have a good day out.

Comments at last year’s show indicate that visitors were well and truly pleased with the presentation, venue and the displays.

For people wishing to enter as exhibitors or dealers, contacts are below.

Thanks Greg and Jim.

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