The Third Shift

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A collective of Women (and men) on the same mission, to build each other up and support those in need … this is the Third Shift.

What exactly is The Third Shift?

 The Third Shift is the creative brainchild of Lisa Willows, Marketing Manager for Lifeline Mid North Coast and co-owner of Red Earth Records. The Third Shift was launched as a charity initiative and new creative sharing space, which launched last year as a fundraising initiative for Port Macquarie News Editor, Tracey Fairhurst’s, foray into Hastings Stars Dance for Cancer. The event was such a wonderful success, organisers wanted to make it a more permanent fixture.

What does The Third Shift mean?

 It’s inspired by women, for women. There are so many hats we put on as working women, mothers and wives. We work, we have a home life, and The Third Shift is a place that is especially for women to relax, unwind and share ideas after a busy working week. It’s a place to discuss what inspires and empowers them.

Who organises The Third Shift, and when is it on?

The Third Shift organisation committee is made up of a raft of local talent who donate their time and skills! Tracey Fairhurst and Lisa Willows come up with “the creative” for the event. Raylene Alford from Offtherayles is the Event Manager, Simon Leigh and Nicolas Diaz host the event at the Latin Loafer, Adam Murray and Mel Casey are the live painting artists, Jodie Alaban from OTATO Healing will be providing healing Reiki and Chakra realignment, Kara Durose hosts an eyelash bar, Catherine Clarke from Harmony Healing Touch will conduct hands on healing, Rhiannon Simmons from Rhi Rebellion dresses the tables and Benje Travis provides the musical entertainment for the evening.

What happens at The Third Shift?

The Third Shift brings together some of Port Macquarie’s most influential and hardworking women in a highly creative and charity-inspired networking event.Everyone meets up after work on Friday at the Latin Loafer from 5pm and enjoys some wine and canapés to the soundtrack of Benje Travis. You will love connecting with women face-to-face who are on the same page as yourself: courageous, creative and complex. Be surrounded by energetic, enthusiastic and wise women. You will be entertained by an painter who will be completing a visual performance art piece, and it could be yours by the end of the night. Grab some Reiki and Chakra healing from Jodie Alaban at OTATO, visit Kara Durose’s eyelash bar, have Catherine Clarkson’s healing hands on you, watch Adam Murray and Melinda Casey paint and listen to latest single from Benje Travis, Another Day, all in the beautiful surrounds of Rhi Rebellion’s interior design.

How do you pick the charity?

We usually hear a local story, and it resonates with us. This time around the money raised is going to help a young local mum fighting breast cancer, Jessica Higgins. A devoted young mum to her two beautiful children, Skylah (6) and Logan (5), wife, daughter, sister and friend. Jess and her family had just started the beginning of a long life together, recently married and moved into their first family home.

But then at 30 years young in November 2016, Jess was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, known as inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), which equates to only 5% of all breast cancers. Very little is known about IBC; it’s always diagnosed as a later stage cancer. Jess wants to help other young woman by encouraging them to be proactive in their health and to get a second or third opinion. Be per”cyst”ant with a cyst!

There is a long road ahead for Jess to beat the disease and a lot of the unknown hinges on the success of each treatment. Jess’s message has gained momentum, with popular blogger Constance Hall taking Jess under her wing and featuring her story …        Jess has also started a Facebook page inspiring others

Final say …

We are looking for a corporate sponsor for this one; $500, which starts off the fundraising kitty. The rest of the night consists of small donations. This invitation is extended to the innovative women of this town who are ready to slip into something more legendary.

Tickets available from Livetix! Friday, March 17th at The Latin Loafer, $40.

Thanks everyone.

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