The Seven Harp Ensemble – SHE

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“What a magnificent concert”…“Looked wonderful … seven majestic harps” …“Excellent playing, effortless virtuosity”… “Difficult to imagine a more delightful musical evening” …



These are just some of the accolades heaped on The Seven Harp Ensemble (SHE) by concert-goers.

Under the direction of international harp soloist, Alice Giles, this exciting and enchanting ensemble is committed to encouraging new repertoire, as well as performing arrangements of popular classics.

SHE performances include national and international music festivals, ABC Classic FM Sunday Live, state and national tours and recording Australian commissions for the Tall Poppies label.

SHE programs are varied and reflect the distinctive techniques unique to the harp. A Seven Harp Ensemble concert is an aural and visual feast both as a ‘crowd-pleaser’ and for serious music lovers. Formerly known as the Kioloa Harp Ensemble, SHE was founded during the Kioloa Summer Harp Camps. Kioloa is on the south coast of NSW, where Captain Cook first landed on Australian soil and where Alice Giles holds an annual summer harp course.

Last in the region in 2010, SHE played to a capacity audience in a Candlelight Concert at Kendall School of Arts. Such was the praise and enjoyment expressed by the audience, that Camden Haven Music organisers decided that on this current visit the Port Macquarie Glasshouse was the ideal venue for them.

“Their performance is so visually appealing and beautiful, that we wanted more people to have the opportunity to see and hear them in a larger space,” explained Program Director Alvena Ferguson.

Another favourite ensemble re-visiting the area for Camden Haven Music’s autumn concert series is Strelitzia Piano Trio, playing a program titled Feminine Charms, featuring an all-female composer repertoire. Led by violinist Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich, this program has been chosen especially to highlight the often unrecognised talent of female composers. Gayeneh Tchebodarian’s energetic and powerful Piano Trio features driving rhythms and exotic melodies inspired by the music of her native Armenia, while Elena Kats-Chernin’s Gypsy Ramble shows the influence of Eastern European folk music within her uniquely engaging, ebullient style.

American composer, Jennifer Higdon, explores the idea of colour and mood in her 2003 Piano Trio, and Australian composer, Ann Boyd-Carr, has written Fantasy for Strelitzia especially for this ensemble. The piece will have its premiere performance at their Kendall concert. Finally, we hear from Clara Schumann, whose distinctively romantic Piano Trio in G minor is now being recognised and performed alongside those of her husband and male contemporaries.

A newly formed piano quartet rounds out the feast of Classical Music being offered in March. The Sydney Piano Quartet led by internationally renowned pianist, Tamara Anna Cislowska, is resident ensemble at UTS. Comprising ACO violinist Veronique Serret, cellist Thomas Rann, violist James Wannen in addition to Ms Cislowska, they will offer an eclectic program of romantic and robust pieces by Mahler, Suk, Chopin and Kats-Chernin.

Check out the full program at or collect a brochure from libraries and visitor centres. All ticket purchasing details are in the brochure and on the website.

For enquiries phone Camden Haven Music on 0401 608 240 or email

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