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Everyone wants to know “the secret to success”. Even more so, we want to pass it on to our kids. If we could find a way to bottle the magic ingredient, we probably would! But with a rapidly changing job market and a planet that really needs our help, what does success even look like nowadays and how can we help our young people achieve it? We turn to local dynamic sister duo and founders of The Posify Group, Mariane Power and Jenna O’Connell, to learn more about the working world for the next generation and understand the role they play in helping young people discover their unique path to success.

The Posify Group is based on the belief that it is the right of every individual to discover their unique purpose. Using the science of happiness, they help people discover the strengths and skills that bring their big ideas to life. They’re on a mission to share what modern success and happiness looks like, as they teach tips and tricks proven to boost wellbeing, uncover purpose pursuits and promote meaningful career pathways.

When it comes to success for our young people, Mariane and Jenna have done their research. Combining their understanding of youth development, education and positive psychology, as well as drawing from practical life and commercial experience, they remind us that at the same time as our kids are preparing for life after school, they’re also facing the developmental task of becoming adults.

Mariane says, “This transition period brings with it new responsibilities and roles, alongside changing relationships with friends and family. It’s also a ripe time for our young people to experiment and play with big ideas, as they begin to develop their own sense of purpose.

“When supported, these can help cultivate a sense of personal achievement and success in life, which research suggests is associated with greater life satisfaction and increased likelihood of success and accomplishment in adulthood. Above all, we want our young people to understand and celebrate their value as a human being, an essential ingredient for developing a healthy sense of self – something we all want for our kids!”

Finding your purpose takes courage, creativity and collaboration, and the younger you start, the greater your chance is of establishing lifelong goals that translate into valuable action. That’s where The Posify Group comes in. They exist to empower people with the knowledge and practical strategies needed to uncover the passions, strengths and skill sets that assist discover and develop their unique purpose. And they do it with the backing of the latest science in happiness and positive psychology.

Latest reports released by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) suggest that within their lifetime, today’s young people will, on average, have up to 17 jobs over five careers. That’s a big shift that requires a mindset shake-up for us adults when it comes to considering success for our kids in tomorrow’s workforce – more so, what it takes for our young people to consider themselves as valuable contributors to the world around them.

“In order to thrive, this generation of youth need to acquire skills for resilience. Understanding how they can transfer skills across what are now being posed as job clusters will be their ticket to a rewarding and purposeful working life. Our work is in teaching them the most impressive ways we can all show up in life and relationships, boosting creativity, confidence, communication skills and perseverance. What we find is that when people work in discovering a purpose they feel passionate about, they are intrinsically motivated to acquire these additional skills. They work hard, they work fast and they thrive in the process,” says Mariane.

Their upcoming one-day intensive workshop, “Game Changers”, is an example of The Posify Group’s work in action. Targeted at young people with an an interest in social change, this sold out workshop is designed to foster the specific knowledge and skills needed to pursue their purpose. Posify game changers will learn how to connect with their big ideas, communicate them effectively, position themselves competitively and use their strengths to make a positive impact.

Recognising that in today’s busy world it’s not always realistic to deliver all learning face to face, online modules are in the pipeline to support innovative goals beyond the one-day workshop.

“While nothing truly replaces the connectedness found in face to face learning, we’re realists and we want to create a model of facilitation that works for the 21st Century individual. We’re super excited to be launching our very first online bootcamp off the back of this workshop,” says Jenna.

The Posify Group is also working hard on their plans for this year’s Posify Fundraising event for The Luminosity Youth Summit. Last year’s “Winter Wonderland” was a great success, thanks to the generosity of the local community, raising enough to fund 10 scholarships to the summit. With the aim of at least matching last year’s fundraising total, they’re bringing the bling to this year’s event, to be held Saturday 2nd June, with a “Denim and Diamonds” theme. With tickets limited to 60 people, this is a must for your winter social calendar. Bookings and enquiries can be directed to

The Posify Group offers a range of group based programs and workshops, as well as one to one coaching to assist individuals and their communities to thrive. In addition to working directly with the community, the group tailors services to suit school or organisation cultures and requirements.

Get in touch with Mariane and Jenna by emailing and follow their journey on social media @posifygroup for practical tips and tricks on how to live a meaningful and successful life!

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