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Individually, Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont are among the most talented performers of their generation. But put them together, and The McClymonts weave a very special kind of musical magic. The talented trio will hit the stage at Laurieton United Services Club later this month, and we talk to Mollie McClymont about the show and their recent successes.

> After releasing your debut album ‘Chaos and Bright Lights’, the group won 3 golden guitars. Did it feel like an overnight success?

It definitely wasn’t overnight success, even thought it may seem like it. We have been doing this for quite a while now, because we started when we were very young. Being sisters, we started doing talent quests and then moved on to do our own shows, then were signed to the Universal Music Group. We have been working at this for a long time. It is a lot of hard work to get to where we are today.

> Did you all share the passion of becoming country music stars? Where did the passion come from?

It actually started off being a hobby when we were young. We used to just love listening to country music, singing and going off to the talent quests to perform. Once we did get signed to Universal, it was very surreal.

We got straight into it, and it became clear to us that we could do this as a living. We’ve all got the same amount of passion for country music, and we love what we do. The most important thing for us is to get out there and tour, sing our songs to as many people as possible and hope they enjoy it as much as we do.

> ‘Wrapped Up Good’ has just been released. Tell us about the new album?

The new album was actually recorded in Nashville. We got to record the album with Nathan Chapman, Taylor Swift’s producer as well as Adam Anders, who recorded our first album. We wrote all the songs on the album with the American people, as we went on a big song-writing trip. It definitely reflects where we are in life at the moment, as it is very up beat, happy and positive and also reflects the experiences we have had in the last two years.

> The group has had 4 songs reach the number one spot on the charts. How does it feel?

Great! You don’t ever expect that one of your songs can reach the number one spot, because there are so many other musicians and groups putting out their new songs at the same time.

With every success, we celebrated together, because you never know if you will get another number one. We all get so excited and make sure we tell all of our fans who follow us on all our websites about our success.

> The group shares a special bond but is it hard at times being sisters and working together?

Definitely. We have our sisterly fights like any other family. The good thing is that we can get over it, because we have our music to bring us together. We do share the success together and enjoy it together, which is important.

> The group is touring at the moment. How is it going?

It is going really well. We will be doing about 48 shows in two and a half months. We are so busy but we enjoy every second of it, because we get to reach out to our fans and new followers as well. The Country Music Festival definitely kept us busy. We were just jumping from event to event performing, but loved it. That’s what it’s all about.

> You’re playing at the Laurieton United Services Club on the 11th February. Have you been here before?

We haven’t played in Laurieton before, but have been to the area. I remember the area being really beautiful and homely like Grafton, which is where we come from. Unfortunately when we are on tour, it is hard to get out and about because we have so many places to visit and so many shows, but the area is really nice.

> You and your sisters also support various charities through your music, tell us about those?

We were ambassadors for Jeans for Genes Day. At the moment we are helping Aussies in the Bush. Whatever we can do with our music to help out as a bonus and give back to the community.

> The group performed for the troops overseas during a Christmas tour in 2006?

It was an amazing experience, looking back on it. We went to Iraq and Afghanistan to sing for the troops. We got to perform in every base over there and even tour through some of the palaces; but the most important thing was to perform for the troops to take their minds off what was going on over there.

> Have you had any crazy fan moments?

We have a male fan who follows us around everywhere we go. Even if we are in North Queensland or Western Australia, he is there without fail! From other performances we have had some signed undergarments thrown up to us on the stage as well.

> Do you all have memorable moments in your music careers?

Last year we performed with the Wiggles. We were a part of their big show and it was a massive highlight, because I think everyone wants to perform with the Wiggles … and we got to do so. But every moment seems memorable in one way or another.

> What do you enjoy most about meeting famous people like the Wiggles and other country music stars?

We do love being around other stars. But when you get to actually sit down with the person, you realise they are so down to earth and they are all really nice, genuine people who love music as much as we do.

> Future plans?

Keep making music to share with the world and enjoy every second of it.

> Thank you Mollie.

The McClymonts are playing at Laurieton United Services Club on Thursday 11th February. For bookings and enquiries contact the Club on 6559 9110.

> Update: After we completed the interview with The McClymonts, the group won a Golden Guitar for Vocal Collaboration of the Year with Troy Cassar-Daley for his song ‘Ain’t Gonna Change for You’.

Congratulations ladies!

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