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Jordyn, 6, was diagnosed with a cancer called Wilms Tumour in August 2012. She also had to have a kidney removed. Here’s some feedback from Jordyn’s mum, Tarin, on the devastating diagnosis of a having a child with cancer.

Can you talk us through the challenging time of diagnosis of Jordyn’s cancer and the impact it had on you and your family?

Jordyn’s diagnosis came completely out of left field – she was not sick, not showing any obvious symptoms, so we were absolutely devastated! Immediately she underwent major surgery and weekly chemo sessions. Our whole lives were turned upside down. Our younger daughter, Charli, was only two and living more than two hours from the treatment hospital, we were leaving her behind with family for days on end to be there for Jordyn. We took turns having time off work to support Jordyn through her treatment, as she was often unwell. It took a real emotional and financial strain on our family. Life changes a lot after a diagnosis.

How did you become involved with CQ?

I had heard about Camp Quality; however, never thought that we would need their support! With another young daughter at home, we were struggling with trying to keep life as normal as possible for her when we weren’t in hospital with Jordyn, so the social worked suggested we join Camp Quality. CQ offered us time to reconnect as a family and forget about cancer, hospitals, and chemo for a while.

How important has Camp Quality been over the years, and in what ways have they helped?

CQ has been wonderful! It was really important for us to make this period about more than just heartbreak, and CQ have helped us achieve that! Jordyn also suffered bullying when she started school due to her appearance (no hair) and we spoke with CQ, who arranged for the puppets to visit the school to teach the kids about cancer, and why Jordyn looked so different. Their attitudes to her changed a lot after this!

They also gave us the opportunity to meet other people who are going through the same thing – making us feel that we’re not alone. Some of the families who attended the camps we had met in hospital, so it was great to get to know them and have the opportunity to support each other.

On Saturday 8th October 2016, Camp Quality is holding a Giggle Ball Fundraiser at Port Macquarie Panthers to support families like Jordyn’s. Tickets are only $80 each and can be purchased at Port Macquarie Panthers: (02) 6580 2300.

Please join us in supporting local kids living with cancer!

Together, let’s make laughter the best medicine!

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