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After forming only 12 months ago, local band The Foreign Objects have just launched their debut EP ‘Amongst Ghosts, By The Sea’. Kim Gould catches up with frontman Luke Hall as the band prepares to take their ferocious rock ‘n’ roll sound on the road.

> How old were you when you first picked up an instrument?

I was 23. There has always been a guitar kicking around the Hall house, but music and guitar only started to become my passion around three years ago.

I broke my leg skateboarding and I wanted to learn a new skill. My brother Dave had just started getting into the drums and our friend Ben Turner was playing guitar at the time and shredding it. I knew I wouldn’t catch him so I just started playing the bass and it all went from there.

How did The Foreign Objects first get together?

My brother Dave, who plays the drums, and I started playing music together about three years ago. Originally I was playing the bass guitar, then I changed to playing rhythm guitar and Dave and I started jamming.

A friend was playing bass with us for a while but he left so we were a two-piece for a while. I’m not a fantastic guitarist so we needed to find a lead guitarist and a bass player to fill in the gaps.

We asked Cam Campbell, a hairdresser on the Gold Coast, to move to Port and start a band with us. So he came down played bass with us. Josh Sims was playing in a band called Sierra Hotel Bravo, which was one of the first bands to come out of Port Macquarie for ages. I really liked his ferocious punk style so we asked him to be our lead guitarist.

You’re a relatively new band having only formed in the last year. Has it been hard to get to where you are now?

I think it’s been 12 months this month since we first got together. It seems like it’s happened a lot easier for us than it has for most other bands. We’re all mates, we surf together and drink together and do everything but sleep together. Everything comes together really easily for us. We jump in the garage and throw down some tunes and before you know it we’ve got a song.

Who are your inspirations?

Personally, my biggest influence is Jack White from the White Stripes. I think you can notice that in some of our earlier songwriting and some of the stuff we’re doing now as well. We’re also pretty influenced by The Hives and the punchy, stabby punk sound that they give you.

Tell us about the new EP …

It’s called ‘Amongst Ghosts, By The Sea’ and there are seven tracks on there. There’s no hidden message behind the whole record, it’s just a bunch of songs that we got together in the garage and laid down.

We’re on Triple J Unearthed and they played the song ‘Get Outta My Sun’ on Home and Hosed one night. It’s not my favourite song to play but it’s probably the best produced song on the CD. The chorus hook is “I’m tired of living in your shadow, so get outta my sun”. It’s us saying it’s our turn to come through, so get out of our way.

You’ve played with some big acts including Spiderbait and Little Birdy at FOTSUN, as well as supporting Grinspoon. How was that?

They were awesome gigs.

I try not to think about playing with big names too much. If you think about it you’ll get nervous!

The Festival of the Sun gig was awesome because it was 4pm, everyone had been drinking all day and were desperate to hear some music. So it didn’t really matter whether we sucked or not, we just went out there, went nuts and it felt really good. By the time our set was finished, the place was at least half full.

The Grinspoon gig was awesome. We had a really good venue and those guys are cool. They gave us more than the amount of beer that we asked for it. It was great to have a big PA and all the lighting and equipment. It’s amazing to have played with one of Australia’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands.

Foreign Objects

Foreign Objects

Tell us about the gigs you’re doing to launch the new EP.

Our first gig is at the Ripcurl Pro at Bells Beach. A friend of mine who edits surfing footage for Ripcurl used one of our tracks and one of the head honchos at Ripcurl heard it, liked it and got in touch with Scott from Cross Section. The next thing we’re playing at the Bells Beach Pro!

We’re also playing a few shows at some sweet little punk dens down in Melbourne which is great. Those venues are awesome.

We’ve got a show at The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi, which is probably one of the hot spots on the East coast of Australia at the moment. It’s going to be great to play there.

We’re also doing a Jetpilot industry night party, with freestyle motocross and heaps of cool things.

What gigs are you doing locally?

We’ve got a gig at TGs on Friday 23rd April. It’s an 18+ show and we’ve got a couple of cool bands playing with us. We’re not going to release their names yet, we’re going to wait until we get our posters out there and kinda surprise everyone. We will also be doing an under 18s gig in May.

We did our first under 18s gig a couple of weeks ago at the Flynns Beach Surf Club – it was awesome. It was a really good turn-out, we filled the hall and it was great. The under 18s gigs are extremely important to us. It’s really important to nurture the youth, especially the ones that are even slightly interested in rock ‘n’ roll music.

It seems like when I was growing up a lot of the kids were more interested in house music and taking pills, but we want to encourage the kids to pick up a guitar.

Thanks Luke, good luck with the launch.

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  1. Bob James says:

    Hi Guys ….Thanks again for Sunday night at the Villa Noosa….it’s Hlywdbobcat here from “Bobcat And The Earth Movers” ….I forgot to grab a CD at the gig ( you had some, right?) I’l look for it.
    I am working on a similar sound and am a Jack White fan too but my stuff has a heavily boosted harp; I’ve been playing for many years; You’ll have to use your imagination for now but am getting my puter recording gear organized:Cubase: wow….what a steep learning curve…hope to catch yuz again, Cheers, Bobcat

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