The Datsuns are coming to Festival of the Sun

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Hot on the heels of their new album release, The Datsuns will be visiting Port Macquarie in time for FOTSUN. You can catch the boys on December 14 and 15, and drummer Ben Cole promises they’ll put on a show to remember!



How and when did you guys start up? 

I have known them all – the band members – since we were about 14. Not long after they went overseas to record their second album, their original drummer left the band, so they gave me a call one fine afternoon and asked me if I wanted to join up. I said, “Yep”, and that was about 6 years ago – and it’s been pretty good ever since!

So for those of us who don’t know The Datsuns, you have been described as a ‘Hard Garage Rock’ band. Could you tell us a bit about your sound?

Yeah … they started off definitely way more garage influenced, but as we have gotten better at playing the instruments, there are more varied influences coming into it. More ’70s Punk and there is more Pop mellowed out melodies and vocal harmonies coming in as well now but of course, there are still the guitars and Christian (Livingstone – Guitarist) loves a shedding riff and all that kinda stuff, so there is still that rolling around.

What have you guys been working on in 2012? What has your year been like?

Oh man, we’ve been finishing off an album. It’s taken us a little while to record it, because we all live in different parts of the world now. I live in Wellington in New Zealand, Phil (Somervell – Guitarist) lives in Auckland in New Zealand, Christian lives in London and Rudolf (De Borst – vocals and bass) lives in Stockholm in Sweden.

We don’t tend to practice, but we get together for around two weeks at a time and bang out some songs. We will email song ideas to each other, and there has even been a couple of song writing Skype sessions between Christian and Rudolf.

Christian will fly to Stockholm for five days or whatever, and they will write some songs, then we will get together and bang them out.

Rudolf has a recording studio in Stockholm, so we just go there and record for free, which is really, really good. We did that for most of this album that we have been working on. We recorded some in New Zealand as well, but we have finished it now – thank God!

Just finished off doing the cover art, and the album is coming out at the start of October! So that’s what we have been working on, and it has been pretty full on!

You’re gearing up to come to Australia for FOTSUN in December. Are you doing a tour while you’re here in Australia?

I am sure we will, because Rudolf and Christian are coming down from the Northern Hemisphere, so it would be kind of silly of us to not take that opportunity (laughs) to play around the place! As far as I know, we’re playing in five cities, but I am not sure how many days in each city we are doing. I am pretty sure we are doing five cities, which must be Melbourne, Sydney, Perth I guess …Brisbane, maybe …

Have you been to the Mid North Coast and the Port Macquarie region before?

I don’t think I have, no. I don’t know if the other guys have done or not, because I know when they started out, before I joined the band, they did quite a lot of touring around Australia, like little places, so it’s quite possible they have been there!

This is a smaller, intimate outdoor festival with a 3,000 crowd capacity. What is it about festival performances that you guys enjoy as a band?

The thing I think I enjoy most about it is you get to see lots of other bands. When you play your own show, you get to see the opening band, and hopefully you like them, but when you go to a festival, there is always stuff that you have never heard before that turns out to be really great. That’s probably my favourite thing about playing festivals. You get to see heaps of other cool stuff, which is really good!

Your new album will be out by the time you get to us here in Port Macquarie,  so what can we expect from your set at FOTSUN?

Its definitely going to be loud (laughs), there is going to be loads of great guitar solos, I know that for sure! I play drums, so there is going to be some fantastic drumming! I am actually looking forward to it; we haven’t played that many shows this year, because we have been finishing off this album. So there is probably going to be some exploding going on, so that will be really great (laughs). Yeah, it’s going to be cool!

Where can we find out a bit more info about the band, and where can we get your music? Probably the Facebook page, The Datsuns Facebook. We are in the process of redoing our website for the new album, so the Facebook page is the easiest way to keep up with what is going on!

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers, or that your fans might like to know?

Just come along and have a great time, you know! And when we come down – to Australia – if you see our name playing a show, come along and it will definitely be a good time.

Thanks Ben.

This story was published in issue 83 Port Macquarie

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