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The lovely Terri Hall has been writing the Star Guide for FOCUS for 12 years. Terri thrives on being able to help people, which she does not only through the Star Guide, but through personal readings in both Port Macquarie and Kempsey areas. Here, she explains what it’s like to experience clairvoyance …

Hi Terri. How old were you when you first realised you could tap into your clairvoyant abilities (and do you remember how and when this first occurred?)

Coming from spiritually gifted families (both parents), clairvoyance wasn’t seen as weird — just the norm.

I’ve always seen Spirit- and first played with a friend with séance and a ouija board at the age of 12 and even though I didn’t take it seriously at the time, things did come true.

I again played with a pendulum to predict baby genders in my late teens, but really took it to a whole new level when I was 32 and began doing professional readings.

When you’re doing a reading for people, what helps you connect with them most? Do you need to hold their hand – or touch an object that belongs to them?

When I’m doing readings, I connect with our Spirit Guides to pass messages on.

I would use psychometry (holding objects) if my client was guarded or sceptic, as this helps me feel them clearer. I will experience their emotions, thought patterns and views, so it helps give me insight into them so I can better reach them.

Does your clairvoyant ability extend to your own life? For example, can you give us an example of something you foresaw that came true?

Yes. A beautiful experience is I dreamt of one of my children before he was born and the last thing he said to me was, “I’ll see you soon”. He smiled, then was gone. A few months later, the smiley boy was born looking exactly like he did in my dream.

How did you become interested in Astrology?

I first became interested in Astrology when a lovely friend (Tracy Martin) introduced me to the wonder of it 21 years ago. It’s a fascinating topic because the more you learn, you the more you realise there is so much more to learn.

Do you feel Astrology is more about recognising our individual personality traits or studying the movement of the stars and planets to help foretell future events?

Astrology can be both. Where the planets were situated at the time of your first breath determines your personality traits and characteristics. 

As the planets come closer to Earth, their qualities are amplified in us, which stimulate certain aspects of our lives.

Taking into account our personality traits, planetary timing can either be advantageous or detrimental to us, and we can use astrology for predicting when certain events are likely to occur.

Your life purpose must be so rewarding, but how do you deal with the flip side … constantly feeling and perhaps not being able to “switch off” and relax easily?

I love what I do; it is very rewarding to see Spirit at work with our higher selves.

I have never felt out of control with my spirituality, and I only ever access the spirit realm by choice. 

As far as constantly feeling and not being able to switch off, I was shown long ago that everything that happens is perfect because it happens. When you practice this analogy, you don’t get caught up in it, and Spirit shows us the positive outcomes. 

I am looked after by my beautiful Spirit Guides (I don’t have to experience the pain or suffering), so I can look after my clients.

To relax, I love spending time in the garden or just chilling.

You’ve been writing the Star Guide for FOCUS for around 12 years now. What has this process meant to you – and how has it helped you grow/develop?

I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to do the Star Guide for FOCUS.

I love how Spirit works wonders, and I’m grateful for the positive feedback I’m given.

I enjoy helping people, and I feel I can reach a lot of people simultaneously with empowering messages thanks to FOCUS.

You’re expanding your practice into Kempsey, which is exciting news! Where can we contact you/book a reading in both Port Mac and Kempsey areas?

My mobile is 0424 818 343 OR in Kempsey, bookings can be made at Mystic Dreams 6562 2705 and in Port Macquarie bookings can be made at Rainbow’s Edge 6583 4731.

Many people are doing it a bit tough in 2019 — contending with drought, financial stress, uncertainty. What’s a message you’d like to share with our readers as we approach 2020?

We are the masters of our own destiny; even our hardest challenges make us better within ourselves. Stay connected to your gratitude for the simple things in life, and you will find joy.

Thanks, Terri.

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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