Luminosity Youth Summit

Nixi Killick, Fashion Designer / Imagineer

July 11, 2018

Originally hailing from our region, Nixi has developed a future centric fashion...

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Jack Wilson, Luminosity Youth Summit

June 21, 2018

Jack Wilson’s vision is to inspire, educate and encourage our Indigenous and...

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2018 Luminosity Youth Summit

April 5, 2018

This year marks six years for the Luminosity Youth Summit. FOCUS chats to...

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Ben Pettingill, Luminosity Youth Summit

April 12, 2017

Ben Pettingill sees life in a different way to most. At age 16, Ben lost 98% of...

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Luminosity Youth Summit, Sam Webb

March 1, 2017

Actor, Co-Founder and CEO of charity Living, Mental Health educator,...

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Jack Delosa, Luminosity Youth Summit

June 2, 2016

Jack Delosa is changing education for entrepreneurs. He is the founder of...

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Cas and Jonesy – Life’s an Adventure

May 14, 2015

Cas and Jonesy, two young Aussie adventurers who have taken on the wildest of...

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