Lou Perri

Palate Pleasures – Interactive

April 12, 2017

It is incredible how much information is at our disposal with just one click...

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Palate Pleasures – Happy Holidays

December 7, 2016

Christmas comes but once a year … Once we hit adulthood, most of us...

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Lou Perri, The Stunned Mullet

October 10, 2016

Port Macquarie’s highly acclaimed restaurant The Stunned Mullet has once...

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Palate Pleasures – #FOOD

August 31, 2016

Yep, it’s a thing – and then some. At the moment in time this article was...

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Palate Pleasures – Uncommon Courtesy

August 4, 2016

Often a grandparental style gripe – “kids these days!” or “back in...

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Palate Pleasures – Fish of the Day or...

July 4, 2016

Once upon a time, fish roamed freely in the ocean. Life was pretty good –...

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Palate Pleasures – Business Intelligence

June 2, 2016

If it can’t be booked or bought online, it probably hasn’t been invented...

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Palate Pleasures – Weddings, Parties, Anything.

May 5, 2016

In restaurant lingo, it’s known as a function. To the rest of the population...

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Palate Pleasures – Local… Or Not?

March 2, 2016

A topic of passionate exchanges indeed is the question of origin. Certainly, it...

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Palate Pleasures – Feast or Famine

December 2, 2015

As the days get longer and warmer, we folk in the hospitality game get...

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Palate Pleasures – Leisure Time; What’s That?

November 2, 2015

It seems to be non-existent in this hectic world at this time of life. There is...

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Palate Pleasures – Embrace this Space

January 15, 2015

This little gem of a regional city that we live in, holiday in, work in –...

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Palate Pleasures: Summertime Haze…

March 6, 2013

And here we are once again – endless summer days, beaches, pools, barbecues,...

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Palate Pleasures: Gourmet Escape weekend

December 4, 2012

This month’s column comes to you from the beautiful Margaret River region in...

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Palate Pleasures – Blink and you’ll miss it

November 9, 2012

It’s hard to be hip. Well, I suppose it has always taken some sort of...

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Out to lunch with Jim Maguire

October 8, 2012

When Jim Maguire landed in Port Macquarie in 1990, it was a stark transition to...

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