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Local artist Suzanne Pride was proud to have her work on display during the ‘Local Narratives’ exhibition at the Glasshouse Gallery.

>You recently exhibited your work at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery – what was that experience like?

To be honest, being an exhibitor in the inaugural exhibition at the Glasshouse was an absolute thrill! To be able to be represented alongside other local artists, and to see, overall, a successful exhibition in a superb gallery space gave me a sense of pride that our community has a world class gallery and conference centre right here in Port Macquarie.

> Your work was part of the ‘Local Narratives’ exhibition. Tell us about what was involved in the process of creating the exhibition?

To start the creative juices flowing, I was invited along with about 50 other local artists to a series of informative workshops to create the theme of the exhibition, ‘Locate, Dislocate, Relocate’.

So over the next 10 months I conceived my idea, selected the medium and proceeded to examine the technical difficulties with my partner, sculptor David Pride. My sculpture took about two months to complete, using different ways to shape, form and finish.

Process is the art, music is the food with which I create and my materials are the ingredients to create.

> The theme of the exhibition was about representing the local region. How did you accomplish that in your work?

This particular artwork was created in wood. I chose a locally collected indigenous timber, White Beech, for its relationship to the rural regional setting and the Asiatic idea.

My work is a sculptural piece consisting of stylised Japanese characters that represent ‘Tranquility & Serenity’. It is segmented, suggesting the pull of cultural identity, living in a city environment and then moving to Port Macquarie two and a half years ago, finally finding tranquility culturally and serenity living in a peaceful regional area.

Being of Asian descent, I also had the opportunity of representing the Asian community of Port Macquarie in this exhibition.

> Why is it important to your art to be based here in the Port Macquarie area?

There is so much beauty in this area, from the beautiful coastline to the forests. It is a blessing to have both these environments in our own backyard, so to speak, and it certainly gives me pleasure to use these picturesque backdrops as inspiration.

Port Macquarie is also very diverse culturally and has a great base of exceptional artists.

I should add that the staff of the Glasshouse Regional Gallery have always been pleased to help with any information to find resources and assist local artists with workshops discussions and public programmes.

> What’s next for you?

I have entered a few prizes, and I’m awaiting final selection. I am also creating some new works for Port’s Art Market and also our next Boudoir group exhibition. Eventually I hope to have a solo exhibition.

> Thank you Suzanne.

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