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There’s a new wave of surfing competition about to hit the shores of Port Macquarie. with cash prizes up for grabs and the motto “No Prizes, No Trophies, Just Cash”, there is set to be some fierce competition! Focus caught up with event organiser Indi Green to find out more …

Tell us about this exciting new event coming to the shores of Port Macquarie. What is the objective or mission of Surfarama?

The Surfarama originated in the early ‘80s and acted as a springboard for young Australian surfers to help them pursue their surfing career. I brought back the Surfarama in 2015 and to keep the objective of giving back to Australian surfers, we decided to hand out large amounts of prize money for the finalists, instead of prizes and trophies – hence our motto: “NO PRIZES, NO TROPHIES, JUST CASH”.

The objective of the Surfarama is to help the young surfers of Australia pursue their surfing dreams or career. Surfing is quite an expensive sport; therefore, we hand out large amounts of prize money to help surfers pay for new equipment, entry fees and travelling costs. In the 2016 series of the Surfarama we handed out over $20,000 in cash. For the 2017 series, we are expecting bigger and better.

We are extremely grateful to have amazing sponsors on board, which gives us the opportunity to give back to the surfers. Our main sponsor for The Port Macquarie Surfarama is Saltwater Wine, who have an awesome store in Port Macquarie. It is great to see core surf shops such as Saltwater Wine giving back to the surfers and aiding them to fulfil their surfing career.

Who are some of the surfing heavy weights set to compete?

Hard to comment on, as entries fill very quickly! So it is whoever is first in, best dressed. However, we have had Australia’s best surfers in each division compete in the two previous Surfarama events this year, including Shane Holmes, who was ranked number one in Australasia last year; and Joel Vaughan, who was the 14 and under national champion of 2016.

What are some of the activities for both competitors and spectators?

We will have a live musical performer playing throughout each day of the event. We will also have Marc Adams, from Newcastle, doing free board artwork on both spectators’ and competitors’ boards each day of the event. Kids’ happy hour will commence at 1pm each day of the event, where loads of awesome giveaways will be handed out to people on the beach. The Bug Expression Session will take place on the Saturday of the event and the final on the Sunday. The Bug Expression Session is always popular; surfers have two waves on an Ocean and Earth Bug Board each. The top three waves out of all the competitors in the Expression Session go into the final.

When do entries open, and who are the events open to?

Entries open on 1st March 2017 and are available on the Surfing Australia website. Entries to the Port Macquarie Surfarama are open to surfers nationwide.

Thanks Indi.

For more information on Surfarama, visit or email

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