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Stuart Goodfellow from Action Coach tells us all about Business Coaching and how it can benefit your business.





Tell us a bit about yourself and your role within the company.

Having walked into many small businesses, it’s true that every business is unique. I am passionate about business and its complexities and enjoy their dynamics and the opportunities they present. Understanding that ‘the simpler things done well is often the one thing that creates a great business’, is key.

Given my background in business, it was a logical step to follow this route and continue to help business owners re-gain control of their business. I invested in the ActionCOACH franchise primarily because the systems, processes and tools they use are the same as I had been successfully applying for years beforehand.  Today ActionCOACH is recognised as the # 1 Business Coaching Firm in the world, across 26 countries (not bad for an Australian business that started in the backroom of a suburban home in Queensland 15 years ago.)

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is for the business owner who is committed to having the business work for them. To get the most of the coaching process, you are already successful in business, but searching for something extra. You have been in business for a few years, are profitable and have a few employees on board, but may be kind of stuck. You know; you keep on doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome. Perhaps you just need someone to keep you accountable for getting the basics done right, all the time. It’s not rocket science and there is no secret to business; a coach will just help you work on the things that matter most.

What are some of the benefits to a business of being coached?

The first benefit is having access to the proven tools, resources and strategies that drive a wedge between your business and your competitor.

The second area is having someone to keep you accountable for doing what you need to do, when you need to do it – whether you like to or not (and we have some fun along the way).

Employees are accountable to an employer.  But as the employer, who keeps you accountable? In corporations, the board is accountable to its shareholders. As small business owners, you are the board and also the shareholder – so it’s easy to let yourself off the hook. A coach won’t let you get away with the things you would.

What are some of the areas of business topics that are your specialty?

It really depends on what the business owner needs. More profits? More time? Or do you just want your team to function as one? (And many business owners want all three!) Together, we focus on the key areas first, tackle those and put systems into place, then move onto your next priority. Half the battle is finding someone you trust to help you work out where to start, what to do first and how to do it right.

What can businesses expect when they set up an appointment with you?

The purpose of the first meeting is to put myself in the business owner’s shoes. It’s a complimentary coaching session to diagnose your business. The areas that need work are uncovered first, the bottlenecks are identified, and I gain a sense of what the business owner’s vision for their business is. We highlight some strategies and come up with a few solutions you can implement straight away. This meeting also provides an opportunity for the business owner to get to know more about me and how I work with business owners. If we both see the benefit in working together, then we move forward.

The thing is, you can try and do it all yourself, reacting to the daily challenges of business, or you can do something proactive about it … today. So before you take another step, waste any more money, lose another sale, work too many more hours, miss another family event or forget another special occasion, choose to do something positive about it. The benefits are yours …


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