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You may have seen some beautiful and colourful murals around town … and chances are, they were painted by Damon Moroney! One of Damon’s murals featured on the front cover of FOCUS for our last edition – but the sky’s the limit for this talented artist. Some of Damon’s work has also been used locally to beautify areas that have been targeted by graffiti …

Hi Damon. What brought you to the Greater Port Macquarie area to live, and how long have you been a “local”?

I grew up in Cronulla, and loved the beach life, so decided Port Macquarie would be a great area to raise my two children. I moved here at the end of 2012, and have considered myself a local from the start, thanks to the friendly people in the area.

Where did your interest in art begin?

I’ve always had an interest art. Since a young age I have been drawing and painting on canvases with paintbrushes and watercolour paints, but grew into the street art scene as I got older. I was drawn to the ability to be able to express myself freely through street art.

Where did you go to school … and have you had any formal art training?

I went to school at Woolooware High School in Cronulla, where I studied art as one my elective subjects. Apart from that, I’m self-taught, picking up tips and techniques from other artists along the way.

I’ve seen a few of your murals around town. They’re awesome! What’s involved with painting pieces of this scale; what tools/materials do you use? And you must use an incredible amount of paint?

Thanks! Planning large murals can take some time, from meeting with the client, such as Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, to designing the piece, to preparing the wall, or surface, and weather permitting, painting the design to a larger scale.

I mostly use mtn94 aerosol spray cans, and external UV paint for bulk backgrounds. Yeah, I go through a lot of spray cans; I am constantly having to top up my shelves. It’d be nice if it was like soft drink and you could get a 10c return on the empty cans! Ha ha!

What/who inspires your artistic “mojo”?

I’m inspired by all kinds of street art and graffiti art. Growing up, I was always influenced by the Hype twins, Exit and Seiz, two of Australia’s well known established graffiti writers.

Tell us about your business: Iknograffix. What services do you offer?

Iknograffix is a custom street art business providing small to large custom designed artwork, from canvas work, bedroom walls, business shop fronts, to vehicles, surfboards and large external buildings. There is no limit to the artistic imagination.

What are some of the artistic projects you’ve been involved with that you’re most proud of?

I was really proud to have been asked by Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to be involved in the Youth Week event in 2016, where we painted the Wauchope skate park and held a street art workshop on Town Green.

I was also involved in the Art Walk, in 2016, as well as 2017, where I painted a live exhibition alongside a number of Port Macquarie’s local artists. It was great to see such a good amount of response from the community.

I have also been working alongside Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to target illegal graffiti hotspots around Port Macquarie, and replacing them with bright and colourful murals.

Most recently, I completed a project for Kendall Heritage Society, showing the hardworking men and bullocks, that helped shape the town in its early stages of history.

What works do you have on the go at the moment?

I’m currently working alongside Chad Whatley, at “Surfboardbroker Australia”, designing unique artworks on surfboards.

I also have a project starting in the coming weeks to cover the building at the roundabout on the corner of Hill Street and Lord Street.

When you’re not busy painting and creating, what else could we usually find you doing?

You’d usually find me at my part-time job at Beachside Holiday Apartments, or running around the beach playing footy with my kids. Other than that, I’m painting or planning.

Where can we see more samples of your work or contact you?

You can find samples of my work on the Telstra building, the Food for Less building, at the Port Macquarie Library car park, as well as a number of schools throughout the Hastings region.

You can contact Iknograffix through Facebook, and Instagram.

Email, or call 0405 416 863.

Thanks Damon.

Interview by Jo Robinson.

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