Stonefield – Memory Lane

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After two years of relentless touring, both locally and across the pond, Melbourne rockers Stonefield are back with an exciting glimpse of what is to come in 2015.


Tell us about what one can only imagine as being an incredibly musical upbringing and family; is this the case?

We grew up listening to a lot of music; our parents don’t actually play instruments, so it wasn’t until we started getting instruments as Christmas presents that it all begun. We all spent most of our time after school practicing separately in our room and then as soon as we had a song down, we’d all jam together. Thankfully Mum and Dad have good taste in music, so some of the first songs we were jamming were Hendrix and Zeppelin classics.

When writing music, what drives and inspires you?

It is mostly inspired by life experiences and how we’re feeling at that moment in time. I think the main drive is that we all really enjoy doing it … It becomes kind of addictive. It’s such an amazing feeling when you finally get that chorus or part to a song you’ve been working on.

Your self titled debut album is set to be released before the end of the year. What was the process behind this album, and how would you describe the production experience?

The process for this album has been so much fun. We’ve been writing for a really long time, so we ended up recording about 25 songs. We did the majority of it in our house, with Kram from Spiderbait producing. I think doing it in our own home made the process a lot more chilled … We had heaps of time to experiment with different things and just really enjoy the experience.

We are delighted to have you on the bill for our Memory Lane Festival. What can we expect from your presence and performance?

We’re stoked to be playing! We’ve been road testing some new tunes off the album, so we’ll be chucking a few of those in the set. I think the addition of the new songs makes the set a bit more dynamic and fun.

Who do you aspire to work alongside in the future?

I think working alongside someone like Jimmy Page would be amazing. He’s such an incredible musician; we’re huge fans of everything he’s done. Also, I reckon he’d have some pretty awesome stories to tell.

What’s on the horizon for Stonefield?

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our second album and hope to have that released by early next year … We’re also hoping to get a release overseas and start touring more outside of Australia.

Thanks girls!



Catch Stonefield at Memory Lane, Sunday 18th October, 12pm – 7pm.

Tickets online @Oztix

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