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At just 17 years of age, Joe Robinson has secured a reputation as one of the worlds finest young guitarists.

> What encouraged you to enter Australia’s Got Talent?

Well, I’d just been to America and had a great trip there. I was fresh back in Australia and it was just suggested to me by musician friends because they (Australia’s Got Talent) were advertising the fact that they were looking for new talent. So I just went on by chance, really.

> How has winning Australia’s Got Talent changed your life?

Ever since I won the show, I’ve been travelling heaps. Three days after I actually won, I flew over to Nashville in America and made an album. I spent 2 months in America, came back to Australia briefly, and now I’m over in Europe.

So I’ve been travelling a lot and playing heaps of shows, which has been lots of fun. And it has really thrust me into the media, which is a great thing, and obviously it’s raised my profile a lot in Australia.

I’ve just been having heaps of fun trying to  keep on top of things and every opportunity over in Nashville and here in Europe – so I’ve really been trying to take advantage of that.

> You’re enjoying travelling a lot and getting to see a variety of places around the world?

Yeah, absolutely. There’s been a concert every night, so it’s been heaps of fun just playing. Obviously I have to play in a different place every day, so it’s pretty cool.

> Do your family travel with you?

Yeah, my mum and my brother arrived in Frankfurt about two weeks ago. Prior to that I was on my own, but they are with me now – which is great. They get to see a bit of the landscape too, which is really good for them.

> You grew up near Kempsey, didn’t you?

Yeah, I grew about 40 km west of Kempsey, in a little town called Temagog.

Smokin Joe Robinson in action

Smokin Joe Robinson in action

> Do you miss the small town, or do you enjoy being out there in the bigger cities now?

A bit of both. I miss the small town – just the obscurity of living in Temagog out bush on the farm, but it’s great to travel. Sometimes I get homesick, because I want to see my brothers and sisters, but I would give anything to do what I’m doing. I love doing this – travelling around and doing concerts.

> Have you met many famous people – particularly other entertainers?

Yeah, I guess so. Over in the States I met some amazing musicians like Brad Paisley, who sold 10 million records. He’s one of the country music superstars in the US, so that was pretty cool.

I have met heaps of my guitar idols, like Wes Paul, who invented the electric guitar, and I’ve met a few other cool dudes. A lot of these people are musicians I’m a big fan of, so it’s been just great meeting them. I don’t really get off on pop stars or anything; it’s just like talking to a normal person for me.

> Tell us about your new album …

The new album will be out on May 14 through ABC Music Australia. I’m very, very excited. I recorded it last year with one of the biggest producers in Nashville, in an amazing studio that has a history of amazing performers. The last person to record in that studio before me was Snoop Dogg.

I’m coming to Australia in May to do a tour to support the album. I just can’t wait to get back to Australia.

> Did you do some work with Tommy Emmanuel on the new album?

Yeah, Tommy played on a track, and I played on a track for one of his new albums. It was great fun spending some time with Tommy. He’s one of my favourite guitar players in the world. It was amazing sitting in the studio with him, and the track sounds amazing!

> What about Keith Urban? Did you do any gigs with him?

No. Actually, when I went and met Brad Paisley, I was told that he and Keith are going to do a tour in America in September/October. He threw the idea out for me to come along and do some gigs. That sounds very promising, and I’m hoping to take advantage of that.

I’m going back to Nashville in June to spend a couple of months there, and I’m looking forward to spending more and more time overseas, really.

> Thank you Joe.

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