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Byron Bay Garage Band Rockers Skegss are making their mark on the music scene … it’s been a huge year for them, playing Splendour in the Grass, releasing their debut album this month, titled “My Own Mess”, and to top things off they’re on the bill for this year’s FOTSUN! Focus chatted to the boys about their debut album …

Hey guys. Introduce us to the band; for those who don’t know, who plays what and how did you guys get started?

Toby Cregan on bass guitar, Jonny Lani on drums and Ben Reed on vocals and guitar.

A couple of us were living together and before that a couple of us were playing music together, and we just came together and made another band.

July saw you drop the fresh single Smogged Out, and this month sees the release of your debut studio album. How has the single been received, and tell us all about the album process …

It’s been received pretty well; we’re stoked with how it’s going. I think people relate to that one – everyone gets over the city at some point. 

The vibe of the album is kind of just our last year and a half; we had been working on the songs for ages, and it just sort of encapsulated the crazy year we had. The process was we’d never really worked on something much before this, or made as many songs … We went into this sick studio called Grove Studios on the Central Coast. We got to stay there in this house for two weeks that has the studio in it. 

We enjoyed the luxury of having heaps of time and had fun with it, being able to record 24 hours a day if we wanted to.

Because it was our first album, we wanted it to be as crisp as it could be; we are heaps happy about it.

It allowed us to be the most creative we’ve ever been. With our EPs, I think the most time we ever spent in a studio prior to doing the album was three days. But with this album, it was two weeks straight. We had already demoed the whole album as well out in the bush with a friend of ours, Jeremy, who plays in a band called the Pinheads – except for some new songs that we ended up writing in the studio. 

When we were making the album, we fully secluded ourselves from everything; we didn’t do it in the city, because we would have got easily distracted catching up with friends or the pub. 

We were locked in to just focusing on the album; it felt like it wasn’t even the real world. I got really depressed after we had to finish it, because I had to go back to even checking my emails and things like that.

You’re on the bill for FOTSUN this year … This isn’t your first run at FOTSUN! Tell us about your previous experience at the festival.

I remember it was really hot, and really fun, the biggest crowd we had played to at that point. 

It was our first spot at a big festival; Benny has been going to that festival forever, so he was really excited.

This year we are really pumped about the lineup – looking forward to catching up with mates and other bands.

Thanks guys.



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