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Creating beautiful skincare products, fragrances and candles sourced almost wholly from her family farm, Claire from Shibora shares with Focus her love of the Coffs Coast and her brand …

Hi Claire. What’s your connection to the Coffs Coast?

My whole family lives and runs a business in Coffs Harbour. I come from a business orientated family; some are organic farmers, some own shops or an earth moving business, produce organic compost and keep native bees. The Coffs Coast means the world to me and my family; it’s the most beautiful place to live, with stunning coastlines and bush. The climate here is perfect, not too hot or cold. The perfect place to live and work.

Introduce us to Shibora; what is its meaning and what’s the mission behind the brand?

I love to produce pure organic products that are beneficial for you. I think every woman is entitled to pure luxuries for their skin.

Shibora is a boutique brand with all the products hand made in small batches on our farm. I use high quality locally grown and sourced organic ingredients; every ingredient I use is organic, apart from some of the scents I use, which are phthalate and paraben free.

Where/how do you source ingredients?

Most of the ingredients I use are grown on our farm or sourced from local farms in the area. Some of the ingredients I source from as far as Western Australia and right up to the cane fields in Far North Queensland.

Where are Shibora products processed?

All the Shibora products are made right here in beautiful Coffs Harbour on our organic blueberry farm. Each and every product is lovingly handcrafted on our farm in small batches, made weekly to ensure they are fresh.

Even right down to the candle lids are made on our farm. All the labels and some of the packaging is made on the farm too. I really believe in making a quality product that is produced locally and keeps the local economy growing.

Tell us about your signature product …

The organic bee cream “fountain of youth” is particularly special to me. I use propolis from our own hives and honey and beeswax to make this amazing face cream. Its pure and natural and works so well, especially around the delicate eye area. The propolis and honey and beeswax come from the native Australian stingless bees, which have been foraging on our blueberry plants.

Being natural skincare, what are some of the healing/medicinal qualities?

Natural skincare is a great way to get your skin feeling and looking radiant.

A lot of the organic ingredients I use have healing/medicinal qualities, like aloe vera, which has natural healing qualities that soothe irritated skin.

The honey I use in my products has amazing antibacterial qualities; it’s moisturising and soothing.

What does it mean to you personally to be able to offer these beautiful products?

It means the world to me; it’s my passion. I grew up on an organic farm, and it’s a privilege to have access to all the organic herbs, flowers and plants and be able to produce natural products that all women deserve.

Aspirations or goals for the future?

I have a few big plans which I will reveal soon, so keep an eye on my FB page.

How can our readers get their hands on Shibora?

You can purchase my products straight from my website, which is, from Sublime & Blossom in Port Macquarie and you can also find me at Bellingen Markets on the third Saturday of the every month.

Thanks Claire.

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