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Seth Sentry is heading back to the shores of Port Macquarie and co-headlining FOTSUN with Gang of Youths. He stopped by FOCUS to talk broken bones, ARIA awards and more …

Hi Seth. Last time we caught up,  you were putting the finishing touches on your latest album, Strange New Past. Give us a bit of a rundown on where that’s taken you over the past 12 months …

We’ve done three tours. One of the three tours was ridiculously huge; we ended up doing over 55 shows, 50 shows in Australia, then played a bunch of festivals and then went into another tour, the 1969 tour, so it was a pretty hectic schedule. Just finished up two weeks ago…

You’ve also managed to bag an ARIA award?

Yeah, I won an ARIA. Towards the end of the tour I broke my foot in Germany, so I had to play the last bunch of shows with a broken foot, just to ramp up the difficulty. I then went to the ARIAs in a wheelchair and had my mate, Joyride, push me around – which was nice of him. I won an ARIA and had to do the acceptance speech from the crowd, because it was too much of an effort to get up on the stage.

Did you know you were going to win, or was it completely unexpected?

They kind of insist on you being there; they don’t say you’re going to win, but they’re like, “You should really come”. I was thinking, “My foot’s broken; my time would be better spent playing video games and eating morphine …”

Are you getting back into the studio anytime soon? What are your plans leading up to the end of the year?

I just want to make music again and not think about working on any particular projects or anything. I just want to have fun making music again. Making an album is very structured … The start of the album is always fun; I always enjoy that part of it – the thinking of ideas and free form writing and things is really nice, but after a while you start getting locked into deadlines, and the fun can kind of get sucked out of it a little bit. I want to avoid that entirely on the back end and just enjoy … Oh, and I just released a new song about half an hour ago!

At this year’s FOTSUN we are seeing a double headliner, one being Gang of Youths, and the other yourself. What are you looking forward to about our coastal festival?

I just love playing live, and especially lately it’s been even more fun. We’ve got a drummer now, Steve, who’s joined Sizzle, so we’ve got a little three man band. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of energy; it’s cool. And we’ve been able to go in and reinterpret a lot of the songs and kind of start from scratch with the live show; it’s awesome.

Thanks Seth.


Seth Sentry Headlining FOSTUN 2016

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