Scott Pomroy, Tour de Cure

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Local Scott Pomroy is busy fundraising and training so he can take part in the Tour de Cure signature tour this year. The tour takes place from May 3 – 11 and covers 1,287 km – no easy task, but Scott’s motivation is strong …

Hi Scott. Can you give yourself a little introduction please?

I’m a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at PMBH. I am married to my very supportive wife, Ricky and we have two awesome kids, Samantha (6) and Logan (3). We moved to Port Macquarie about 10 years ago to escape the rat race of Melbourne and are so pleased we made this sea change. Port is a fantastic place to raise a family. 

You are a keen cyclist; how long have you been riding, and what groups do you belong to?

I guess I’ve been riding ever since I learnt how to as a kid. I got into mountain biking when I finished university and used the bike as a better way to commute to work; that led into mountain bike racing with friends in Melbourne. 

When we moved to Port Macquarie, I started training a bit more and racing with a great bunch of friends up here. I joined the Hasting Valley Mountain Bike Riders and the Port Macquarie Cycling Club, riding and racing mostly mountain bikes, but some road races as well. 

As our family started to grow, the road bike became a more time efficient way to train, and now I train three or four times a week with group rides in town. Port is a great place to ride with groups every day, and you only have to head out a bit further to find some quiet country roads with fantastic climbs and scenery.

You will be taking part in the 2019 Tour De Cure; where is the ride taking place and when?

This year’s signature tour will leave from the Channel 7 studio in Martin Place, Sydney on Friday 3rd May. We will head south to Kiama then up over the range to Goulburn, south again through Canberra, Jindabyne, over Thredbo, Corryong, Beechworth, Shepparton, Daylesford and finish in Geelong on Sat 11th May.

It’s a big ride, 1,287 km and 13,835 m of elevation; thankfully being spread out over eight days makes it achievable. 

Along the way we stop at various places promoting the Tour de Cure and the preventative side of cancer. One of the health promotion messages that is shared during the tour is that one in three cancers can be prevented with healthy lifestyle and adoption of smart choices like being sun smart and smoking cessation. 

Who will you be riding with, and what sort of extra training are you doing?

Leading up to the tour I have slowly been increasing the kilometres I ride each week. Normally I would ride about 150 km per week, but have now increased this to about 250 km. The training is not really structured, and I have to fit it in around family and shift work. 

Mid-week training rides with a few of my close friends start at 5am; this allows me to be home for the family by 7am. On the weekend I aim to get in longer rides between 100 and 150 km. Soon this will need to increase, to get the legs used to riding back to back days. It’s a big commitment with time, and my family are very understanding, supporting me every way they can.

Can you tell us what motivated you to take part?

My dad passed away last January after a two year battle with cancer. It was a really tough time, and I felt I should do something to try and prevent more people losing loved ones. The Tour de Cure was on TV when we were organising my Dad’s funeral, and that got us talking. With huge support from my wife and family, we decided to give it a go.

How is your fundraising going? What have you achieved so far.

The fundraising is going very well. We are really lucky to have such supportive friends and family. We started with asking those close to us for a donation and then a little bit on social media. The response and generosity of people was fantastic.

We held a fundraising dinner at our house recently with some awesome live music, great food and remarkable friends that was a lot of fun. Their support cannot be overstated, and we feel very lucky to have these people around us.

We had support from many local business, including Holy Goat Coffee, Inner Vision Surf & Skate, Zebu Bar & Grill, Peloton Espresso Bar, Gordon Street Cycles, Buddy & Me, Waniora Village Butchery, Port’s Premier Bobcat and Musician Dave Stephens.

We are tracking very well towards our fundraising goal of $12,000; however, know that the cure for cancer might take more and so will continue to raise funds beyond this and up until the tour starts in May.

How can locals support your ride?

The best way to support the Tour de Cure is to jump on the net and look up their website. You can make a direct tax deductable donation to my profile via this website.

As a rider I have a donation page and a link to Strava, which is tacking my training.

Come on, let’s find a cure.

Thanks Scott.

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