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Bodyboarding with style is Sam’s ambition, as he sets his sights on a world title.

What’s been happening in the last year? I saw you out breakwall the other day … you had your hat on backwards, earphones in, looking like a punk. Is this the new look?

Surfing heaps and a little bit of travel. I did a trip to Hawaii and WA towards the start of the year. I haven’t gone anywhere other than a few trips up and down the coast in the last few months, so hitting Europe sounds epic! Ha ha! I don’t really know what to say to that.

I guess you could say I enjoy music and really don’t suit a hat facing forwards!

Tell us a bit about this Zion trip you’re about to head on? And why are you going to Iceland?

This trip will be the furthest away from home yet. I’m super-amped, but at the same time pretty nervous. Me personally, I really do not enjoy cold water, so Iceland will be a really big challenge. It’s not my idea, but I’ll roll with it. I’m sure it will be an amazing experience.

What places are you most looking forward to surfing, and why?

France, for sure. From what I’ve heard, there are some really good beach breaks. Once again, I know it’s goin’ to be cold, so I’m trying to get mentally prepared.

The riders who will be on the trip? And which one are you most excited about hanging with?

I’m excited to be hangin’ with all the guys; they all surf amazing. Thomas Robinson for sure, though. Style is everything for me, so surfing with him will be all time. He’s one of my favourite riders and easily has one of the most amping styles in bodyboarding.

Port Mac local and 2 x world champion Damian King was quoted as saying, “Sam Bennett could potentially be the best competition surfer in the world”.

What is your response to this, and do you have aspirations to tackle a world title?

A few years ago I was doing really well in competitions and getting some impressive results. But over the last year or so I’ve realised I have to knuckle down and get some shots run in mags. Sponsors don’t just like comp results; they like the whole package. So after this year, hopefully I’ll have some good coverage and start next year with a good contract that will support me in doing the whole world tour. And yeah, a world title is definitely in my eyes for the future!

You grew up surfing at the Breakwall in Port. Explain to us why this has helped your surfing as a whole.

I think it’s one of the best waves for bodyboarding. Barrels, ramps, bowls …everything a bodyboarder can ask for. Although it is only a right hander, which can get fairly repetitive.

Who have you most looked up to as a grom? And who is your favourite booger to watch right now?

Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Kingy and Jono Bruce were the guys I was lookin’ up to in my high school years, but these days there are guys like Michael Novy, Thom Rob and Jake Stone, who are incredible to watch.

Shoutouts? Final words?

My sponsor. PRIDE bodyboards, ZION wetties, IAMNONE clothing and SWS bodyboardstore. Also, all the grommies comin’ up these days. Local guys Jake Chelman and Charlie Holt.

Thanks Sam; good luck with it!

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  1. john turner says:

    my son is an avid fan and loves the style and ease in the water. As a role model to the many young fans I commend you on the way you conduct yourself in public. I have surfed for over 30 years and have encouraged my children to participate in all things and the enjoyment they get from the sea is a joy to this proud father. From crabbing, fishing, prawning and the beach they have developed an affinity and love of the ocean. Unfortunately I am prevented from being with my son as much as I would like but our time together spent mostly in the water together hold precious memories for us all. Annie, 13 years old and Jacob 11 years are now in Port Macquarie. they have been there for 4 years now. Annie loves her surfing and Jacob, his bodyboarding. I have just left Port heading back to Queensland after a surfing trip hitting every beach from Kirra to Port.{great trip!} in my motorhome. Annie is a beautiful grounded soul and applies herself to all tasks and enjoys learning to surf. Jacob is a beautiful, kind son and gains great confidence from accomplished tasks.I see the joy he gets from bodyboarding and the respect he has for you is profound. I worry that he is being denied his opportunities in the surf by people who do not share our love of the ocean. what I need is information regarding the size and type of board { bodyboard } would suit him best. Jacob is roughly 45 kilos and a tallish slim boy, a strong paddler with a go for it attitude. He moves through the water like an eel and looks at ease in the water. I”m so proud of my children { obviously } and wish the best for them. After leaving them in Port my daughter rang me to see if I could lend her my board { a 5`10″ twin fin fish which she enjoyed riding.}. I turned around and of course I gave her my fish. I still have my Mal!. For Jacob I would like to chase up a bodyboard that would suit him and local. Please if you could provide me with any contact details of local suppliers of a quality board I would be forever indebted. As for myself, I`m too old in the tooth to change over but am gradually gaining a respect for the `shark buscuit` fraternity. Again thank you for your time and hopefully will be hearing from you soon. Good luck for your future endeavours Sam , you truly are a superb ambassadoe and role model to a great future generation. A proud father thanks you.
    John Turner. Mermaid Beach.

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