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Local Band Ruins Way is going places and has just recorded their first video clip and debut EP. Rob Mestric, the lead vocalist, is very happy with the sound .

How did you get into music?
I started playing guitar when I was about 13. I always loved the guitar from an early age, so when I finally got one it was all I ended up doing. Early on I was very influenced by Jimi Hendrix and other guitar heroes like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I used to listen to guitar music day in and out. Later on I got more into Frank Zappa and particularly The Beatles. 

From then on I started working on writing more vocal orientated music. I guess that forced me into becoming a singer too. Now I feel pretty happy balancing the two. I sing all the time but I also get to play a hell of a lot of guitar.

> What highlights have you had so far in your career?

I’ve had quite a few so far that I’m fond of. Several years ago I met Steve Vai and got to play his guitar. That was certainly a dream come true. More recently I was invited to join Aussie rock legend Matt Finish on stage to jam for a couple of songs. 

Kevin Bowrich and Harry Bruse were also on stage, so I got to jam out with those guys as well. Also, mixing our record at Sydney’s Studio 301 was an absolute blast.

> Tell us about your new band, Ruins Way.

The band has been together for about 18 months. Last year was a great year for us, as we were constantly gigging around the local area and also travelled to Sydney and even Tamworth to play gigs. Being an original band can make it tough to get work sometimes, but we seem to do alright. We generally play about 22 originals at a gig with about 8 or 9 covers thrown in for good measure.

We have a great line up, consisting of Brett Fenech on drums, Leemarie Cavanagh on keys and Brian Crowe on bass. Brian has joined the band most recently and has brought a great new level of enthusiasm to us all. Brett has been playing in bands around the area for years and is an all round top bloke and great fun to have in the band. Lee has been playing keys for me for a few years now and is an integral part of band. Not only is she a great muso, but also keeps us boys in check from time to time.

> You’ve put a lot of work into your debut EP “Devils & Angels”?

We spent about 4 months tracking the songs at my studio “Line Levels Studios” here in Port. After completing 6 songs I really didn’t feel like mixing the record, so we started looking for a studio and a mix engineer to mix the EP. We ended up going to Studio 301 in Sydney and had Tony Wall mix the EP for us. Tony has produced and engineered a host of who’s who from the Australian music industry. He’s done INXS, Rose Tatoo … you name it. 

Tony and I were very much on the same wave length when it came to the songs, so I was very pleased with what he brought to the mixes. We spent three days mixing at 301. They like to do long hours down there, so when you book a day’s worth of time, that’s what you get. We were spending up to 15 hours per day in the studio, including a little pub break each day. It was just awesome working in the same room where so many great records have been made. 

Just about every major Australian act of the last 30 years has recorded there, so we felt like we were in good company. We also had the EP mastered by Steve Smart at 301 Mastering, who does all Powder Finger’s records, among many other Aussie acts. 

We feel the EP covers a lot of ground stylistically, but is a great representation of what we do. We put a lot of time into selecting which songs to put on the EP, as we had quite a few to choose from. The songs we decided on work really well together and the EP has a really nice flow to it. 

I’m a big fan of songs with interesting lyrics, but at the same time I like simple pop songs too. We’ve included some serious songs and some light hearted stuff to balance things out. Hopefully, everyone should be able to find a song they like.

> You did a film clip for the single “Goodbye You’re Gone”. What was that like?

Doing a film clip can be a little unnerving at first. You essentially get to mime to your own music all day, while trying to keep your energy levels up – even after the 30th time through. After a couple of goes through, you settle in and it becomes a lot of fun. 

We filmed the clip at the Port PCYC hall, which used to be the old RSL auditorium. It’s a great looking room and the stage worked well for the shoot. We had John O’Connor from OCN Productions do the clip. We are really happy with what he did with it. 

> Tell us about the album launch.

The album launch is being held at Port Panther’s Atlantis room on Wednesday, the 16th of April. Doors open at 7:30pm and the night kicks off at 8pm. Tickets are $15 and can be bought from the Guitar Factory in Horton St or at the door on the night. Ticket price includes a copy of our EP “Devils & Angels”. 

There will also be some light finger food on the night and the bar will open for service. We will be previewing the EP and showing the film clip, as well as performing a 50 min band set. We will be playing all the songs off the EP as well as a few tunes from my previous album “Spaceman”.

> How can readers see the film clip or buy the EP?

Going to our website at is the best way to get all the info you will need about the band. The EP will be available from all the major digital download stores such as iTunes, Amazon and Napster etc. 

Of course, people will be able to buy the EP at our shows too. We will also have other merchandise such as T-Shirts and stickers available. 

The website has our film clip and other live videos, as well as photos and all the details about our upcoming gigs.

> Plans for the future?

We would love to just keep playing bigger and better venues and having more people come to our shows. We plan to tour fairly heavily to support the EP, so hopefully we can reach a wider audience. 

> Thank you for your time Rob.


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