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Rising star lance delaforce grew up in port macquarie and has since been making his mark on the melbourne acting scene. someone who’s not afraid to take risks, big things are on the horizon for this talented actor …



Hi Lance. Where did you grow up and go to school?

I was born and bred in Port Macquarie, and now I look back on  this and think how very lucky and fortunate I was to grow up in such a beautiful and chilled (at the time) place. I went to Hastings Primary and Port Macquarie High School.

Was it at school that you developed an interest in acting and drama, or did that come later?

No, not really. I think I took drama one year, ’cause I thought it may be fun and a bit of a bludge … I was wrong about it being a bludge! But I always studied art, have drawn and been a bit arty my whole life. That’s what I wanted to be … a fine artist. So it definitely came later – and totally out of the blue.

What were some of the acting projects you were involved with while you were still based in the Hastings area? 

I worked in television for some years beforehand, but more in the production and presenting side of things. Then after some time off, my agent at the time basically pushed me to take the role alongside Kat Stewart in Dungoona. That was the first project in the area, then there was a short film not long after that, then more recently a film called Crash Crash Burn, directed by Elise Reader.

You mentioned your role in Dungoona, which I know you were very excited about at the time. Was this film kind of a turning point for you in terms of your acting career?

Absolutely! Reuben Fields was an amazing director, then to have a ‘simulated love scene’ alongside the AMAZING Kat Stewart was just icing on the cake. She taught me so much on that gig, such as disconnecting and finding the character. She really looked after me. And it’s ‘6 degrees of separation’ in this industry, because I’ve worked alongside Kat again I think 3 or 4 times, and we often joke about our ‘drunken pash’!

Also, being an MTV and Optus180 winner has made a huge difference when getting work and management.

Like a lot of actors, you decided to move to the city to further your career. Why did you ultimately choose Melbourne, over Sydney?

Well, I had already done the Sydney thing when I was studying, then working on Sunrise and Foxtel, and after getting back from Europe, I knew it was time for a change. And since there was still hype with the films I was in, I thought, “Why not Melbourne?” There was a great foundation down there for most Aussie drama at that time.

Was the move a good one career-wise? How has it helped you with your acting goals?

Definitely career based. I flew in only knowing two people and with the bags of clothes and money I had. It helped me dramatically. I researched new management, as my agent had relocated back to the USA with her business, then only a few months afterwards, I auditioned and got a role on Neighbours. Then the gigs started rolling in.

What’s been the most exciting acting gig you’ve been involved with – and why did you enjoy it so much?

Wow, that’s a hard one! I recently played a real life murderer in a Melbourne homicide − that was great. Researching the guy … listening to the emergency calls for the victim … the Police briefs. Getting to totally lose yourself in a role can be quite rare; plus, being a ‘country boy’, I enjoyed the firing the gun scenes.

Then there were other gigs where I got to work with people I’d watched and admired for years, like Miranda Otto, Cyndi Lauper, Meatloaf, Essie Davis, Rachael Taylor and of course, the Neighbours cast (laugh). There have been so many − I am very, very lucky!

Also, my agent wormed me in as a featured extra on the Kath and Kim movie, and that was a total trip working with those girls. I even got my own “look at me” at the catering table at lunch one day!

Hanging out then spending time with Cyndi Lauper was definitely a highlight. Hey − I’m a child of the ’80s!

It was amazing going to the Logies and having people say, “Hey, I know you”!

What’s on the drawing board for you at the moment – anything fantastic happening, or about to happen?

I have another movie coming up next year − an American production where I play a Blues singer. Lots of prep! It also involves being based back in Sydney for an amount of time, which is great, because I’ll have a chance to come home more often. My family are amazing and super supportive, and yet always keep me grounded.

I’ve filmed a bunch this year and then one other TV gig last year, that should be released in 2013 … just shows you the turnaround time in movies and television! Plus, things are always popping up. It’s a great feeling!

Any plans to aim for Hollywood or the overseas market in the near future? What’s your ultimate career goal?

People ask me this all the time. You know, I haven’t thought a great deal about it. I’m heading there next year to NYC to do a workshop. My original agent [Nikole Hunter-Weber] is over there and wants me to come over. I trust her instincts − always have. I owe A LOT to Nikole.

How often do you get to come back and visit all your friends and family in the Hastings area … is there anything about ‘home’ that you particularly miss?

I come back whenever I get the chance − sometimes just for a few days and sometimes for a couple of weeks. It just depends on the ol’ schedule! I’m usually always working in blocks (chunks).

I have the most amazing family. I definitely miss Mum, as anyone does, but without my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. They have always supported me and yet always never let me forget who I am at heart. Plus, the friends I have here are just awesome. Most of us have spent almost all our lives together. They never let me get too carried away (laughs), but seem be to super proud of what I’m accomplishing. Mind you, most of them don’t even watch my work … but then again, I don’t often have time to either, really!

Thanks Lance. Interview by Jo Atkins.

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