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Quaid Munson, Young local with a big passion for skateboarding. Quaid has achieved a lot in his journey so far in skateboarding.

What age did you become interested in skating?

Well, I didn’t even know what skateboarding was until I moved to Kendall, when one of my close friends gave me one of his really old, rusty boards that he actually found at the local tip! But hey … I wasn’t complaining! I was just stoked to get a hold of a skateboard I could roll around on.

After that point, I realised this would be my newfound passion. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to make a career out of the sport and needed to consistently improve every day. I even convinced my parents to build me my first ramp to skate on! I was extremely hyped about that, as a 13-year-old at that time! Big thanks to Mum and Dad!

Who are some skaters that inspire you?

Other skaters who have had a big influence on my style of skating are guys like Kieren Reilly, a shredder who was originally from Kempsey and is killing it on the international stage at the moment.

David Gravette’s style is amazing, and I would like to push the limits of my skating as much as he does. Also, older guys like Matt Mumford and Chad Bartie are still pushing the levels, and I would like to think I could skate just as well as they do when I get to their age.

The local scene in Port Macquarie is still really strong, with guys like Drew Taylor, Chris Walsh, Jacob Watts, Dave Tyson, Huggo and local Bonny Hills kids always pushing the Hastings skating level higher!

What is the best thing you get out of skating? And why?

I just love the feeling of those few seconds floating through the air with not a worry in the world and all concentration on landing that trick.

Skating is a demanding sport; you get hurt, but that is the risk you take to enjoy the simple pleasure that skating gives you! It’s my release on the social expectations of the 9 – 5 job … I’ve already made it my life; now it’s time to make it my job hopefully … and enjoy it!

Have you had any serious injuries from skating?

Not yet, touch wood, ha ha … but I know many who have; my day will come! I guess you have to pay to play someday! Bring it! Ha ha.

Describe your style of skating?

Ahhhh, well it’s quite hard to talk about my own skating style! Let’s be unbiased and get one of Australia’s top skaters to make his verdict on the matter.

Shane Azar (Volcom skate team manager) comments from the recent Volcom Competition on the New South Wales leg.

Quaid has been around for a while now, and his skating has come together nicely. Such a solid style. Munson’s effortless crooked grinds over the flat-box rail were executed flawlessly in the contest.

You placed third overall in the open men’s Volcom Skating Competition. Tell us a bit about the atmosphere and how you felt at the big event?

The atmosphere was incredible! There were so many guys shredding there; I didn’t even think I had a chance of getting a place on the podium.

I really surprised myself to be alongside  a few others in the top rank – which was a huge achievement in my books to be recognised in such a huge event!

Do you have any major goals or competitions that, in the future, you are aiming for?

Yeah, the Ballina Fair Go skate festival, which is in early October this year; this is a major skating event. Also, my previous results in the Volcom contest has seeded me a spot in the national titles next May.

I would like to push my profile up there with the top amateur skaters in Australia and persist from there.

I’m seeking a major sponsor over the next 6 months, which I’m working towards with my new Sports Manager Tim Young, who has been helping me develop my own skills, from marketing myself as a professional athlete through to gaining more magazine and video exposure. The opportunities to make a future for myself in this rewarding sport are going to be endless if I work hard for it, so I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Is it hard focusing on both work and skating? How do you balance the two?

Well, at the moment work is complementing my skating. I’m just cruising around as a labourer for a local arborist, which is pretty demanding, but it keeps me fit … that’s a mutual benefit for my skating, and I love what I do!

It’s a simple balance, especially coming into summer! Longer days means more time on my skateboard.

I would like to give a big thanks to my family for their support throughout my life and Inner Vision surf n skate for sponsoring me and supplying me with some sweet gear! It’s a been a great help!

Also, you will be able to keep up with all my latest news on my website, which is coming up at soon at:

Thanks Quaid.


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