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 With Legacy Week running from August 31 – September 4, Legatee Ken Fahey from Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy takes the time to tell us about our local branch of this hardworking organisation …


Ken, how and when did you first become involved with Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy?

I’ve known about Legacy for a long time. My father was a WW2 veteran and had always said whenever you see Legacy selling badges, make sure you buy one. He passed away in 1988 and Legacy assisted my mother until her death in 2012.

I became actively involved with Legacy in the early 1990s, joining a group called Port Macquarie Junior Legacy. The group’s main function was as a fundraising arm for Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy. This group is now in its 51st year of fundraising.

I was inducted into Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy on the 29th April 2011 to take up my responsibilities as a Legatee.


What’s your role with the organisation these days?

I am one of 35 volunteers who call themselves Legatees. In addition to having personal contact with a number of widows, I am currently the Chairman of Appeals (Fundraising) and a member of the Board.

Please give us a brief history of when Legacy was first established in Australia and in the Hastings area …

Legacy was first formed in 1923, after a group of returned WW1 soldiers got together to assist the wives and children of those men who never returned home. I’m sure we have all seen the ads during Legacy Week each year of the soldier dying in the trenches who grabs his mate and says, “Just look after the missus and the kids”.

From that start in Melbourne, Legacy has grown into 49 clubs across Australia and one in London. Our club was formed in the early 1950s as part of Taree Legacy, and in 1984 we became a club in its own right, having its own charter, constitution and by-laws. We currently look after the needs of 640 widows, six children and eight special needs persons. Our area covers from John’s River in the south to Telegraph Point in the north and to Ellenborough in the west and all points in between.


What are the aims of Legacy?

Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering financially and socially after the incapacitation or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service


Give us some examples of how Legacy has helped our local community …

Legacy assists those dependants in many ways. We help in getting War widows pensions by representing those ladies at pension hearings. We assist in getting home services for those who need it, like minor repairs, home shopping, medical appointments etc. We also arrange for holidays at Legacy Holiday homes for those ladies who want a break.

We also have sent a young Legatee ward off to a holiday camp in Melbourne last month. We have a young lady in the ballot to go to the battle fields in France in 2016. Assistance for all of these are paid for by this club from the generous donations of the people of the Hastings and Camden Haven valleys.


Legacy Week is coming up very soon. What are the dates, and what are some of the activities that will be happening during this time to raise money for Legacy?

Legacy Week commences on Monday 31st August and finishes on Friday 4th September. Sales of badges will be ongoing this week, with sites all around the area. Many businesses assist us by allowing our sellers into their stores and centres. Settlement City, Port Central, Bunnings, Coles Lake Innes, Commonwealth Bank and St. George all allow us to sell.

There are locations in the Camden Haven area and Wauchope that all help with selling badges. The thing buyers of Legacy Badges need to know is that all funds raised within our area stay in our area.


 A local runner, Keith Robinson, is planning some special fundraising to show his support for Legacy. Describe what he’ll be doing throughout Legacy Week …

Keith came to us with a novel idea for raising some funds for Legacy running the streets around Port Macquarie and Wauchope in a kilt wearing a Legacy shirt and cap, so if people see Keith buy a badge or make a donation.

Keith will run between 8 – 10 km every afternoon during Legacy Week. The runs will commence at 4:30 pm and will start from the Food For Less car park each day except the Tuesday. The Tuesday run will be in Wauchope and start at the Wauchope RSL.

Keith will “kilt up” one last time to run with a regular Saturday morning running group, meeting at 7am Saturday on the Town Green in front of Rydges. Anyone wishing to join Keith on any of these runs (or even part of them) is most welcome. A gold coin donation appreciated.


Who are some of the sponsors who have come on board to help Keith with his fundraising?

There are a number of sponsors who have come on board to help Keith raise these funds for Legacy and we particularly wish to thank Morgans Financial Ltd, Oxley Insurance Brokers, Donovan Oates & Hannaford (Solicitors), Pivotal Business Systems, and Northcorp Accountants.


In what other ways can individuals and/or local businesses help support Legacy this September (and throughout the year)?

The residents of this area have always been great supporters of Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy and are very generous when it comes to donating for this cause. The other major fundraiser we have during the year is the annual Legacy Golf Day held at the Port Macquarie Golf Club where up to 150 -160 business houses donate cash, prizes and services.
Where can we find out more info about Legacy?

People can find out more about our Legacy club by contacting the office on 6583 3570, visiting the office on Level 2, Bourne House, 10-12 Short St. Port Macquarie or online on our website: www.legacypmh.org.au

Thanks Ken.

Interview by Jo Atkins.

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