Port Macquarie Art Auction

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If you’re an art connoisseur, you can’t afford to miss this event! Twenty-five local personalities have created an array of artwork, which will be auctioned at Port Macquarie Panthers on March 9. The funds raised will go towards the Port Macquarie Music Eisteddfod, helping to promote the creative diversity within our local area.

What is your role with the Port Macquarie and District Eisteddfod?

I am the Director of the Port Macquarie Music Eisteddfod Committee and Vice President of the Port Macquarie and District Eisteddfod Society.

How did you first become involved with the local Eisteddfod?

All three of my children competed in Eisteddfods over many years, including dance, music and drama. They performed in all of the local Eisteddfods – Port Macquarie, Taree and Kempsey. In my daughter’s case, we also travelled to Newcastle and Sydney for the music Eisteddfods there.

I have always said that after retirement I would involve myself in providing support to the local community. When I retired last year, I was told by my children’s singing teacher, Denise Begnell, that volunteers to run the Music Eisteddfod were being called for. I immediately contacted the Eisteddfod Committee to volunteer.

What is the aim of the art auction you’re organising for March?

2012 will see a significant expansion to the Port Macquarie Music Eisteddfod. We are implementing a number of new sections and bringing back old ones. Sections such as the Schools Day, Music Theatre, Community Bands, Community Choirs and Rock Bands require a larger venue than we have traditionally used, and sound, lighting and staging to support the incredible performances that will take place.

In addition, we are bringing highly talented and well recognised artists to adjudicate, so that they can provide current, expert advice to our competitors. All of this means that the running costs of the ‘new look’ eisteddfod will be significantly higher than in past years.

The money raised from the art auction will go directly to pay for those additional expenses.

How are you sourcing artworks for the auction?

We invited people from our local community to be celebrity artists for our auction. We came up with the idea of inviting people who have lived here and gone on to be highly successful in their careers, both nationally and internationally – also, people with significant roles within our local community and people who work for iconic businesses in the area.

We invited people across many areas of expertise, including sport, business, community, visual arts, politics and performing arts.

We approached everybody by letting them know what we were trying to achieve for the Eisteddfod, that money raised would go directly to the running costs and all about the auction and how we hoped it would work.

They are all extremely busy people, and we are very lucky that they have been so generous with their time.

We asked them to provide an artwork that, if possible, portrayed something significant to them, being family, career, experiences etc.

We put no restrictions on the type of artwork and as such, we believe there will be a significant variety in the pieces for sale at the auction, which will include abstract work, drawings, paintings, sculpture, mixed-media and textured pieces.

Who are some of the people actually contributing artworks for the event, and what exactly are they supplying?

We have a total of 25 artists. Work for some of the pieces is still in progress as FOCUS goes to press, but I have received information from some people about their pieces:

Allison Langdon – Journalist Sixty Minutes and the Today Show. – Allison is a keen photographer and will be providing us with one of her incredible photographs from her travels in the Amazon.

Amanda Douglas – Journalist Prime 7 News – Amanda has done a modern abstract work for us in beautiful shades of bronze, purple, black, brown and white.

Andrew Stoner – Deputy Premier NSW, Minister for Trade and Investment, Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services, Member for Oxley – Andrew is doing a painting for us.

Angela Johnson – Director Port Macquarie Music Eisteddfod Committee. – I am in the process of working on a textured piece in two parts. The majority of the colours are shades of browns and teal greens. The piece is very modern and on the larger side, with each of the two pieces measuring 123 cm by 43 cm.

Brendan Bradshaw – Dancer/Choreographer Royal New Zealand Ballet. – During his travels around the world with the ballet company, Brendan has been developing his photography skills. Brendan is providing us with a black and white piece of a ballet dancer’s feet in rehearsal. He has a real ability to express a calm, serene feeling through his photography, and this photo is beautiful.

Chase O’Leary – World Bodyboarding. – Chase is currently in Hawaii competing; however, he has still found the time to work on creating a photo album for us of his travels and his surfing. It will contain comments to go with the pictures, and his signature of course.

Christine Baker – Treasurer Port Macquarie Music Eisteddfod Committee. – Christine is working on 2 pieces for the auction: a beautiful black, white and silver textured artwork and a painting.

Digs Schmutter – Star FM Radio Presenter. – Digs tells me that his artwork is difficult to describe; however, he is doing a mixed media piece for us.

Elise Goodwin – Sportswoman – Swimming, Running, Australia Deaf Games 5 Times Silver Medallist. – Elise’s piece is a modern mixed media and is the result of a collaboration between Elise, her mother, Korrina, and her sister, Cloe. The inspiration for the piece is a strong message that people with cochlear implants can and do safely and successfully play sport.

Francessca O’Donnell and Vic Compton – Successful Local Artists. – Francessca and Vic will be creating a painting for our auction.

Judy Standring – Manager Hastings Co-Op Department Store. – Judy will be contributing a mixed media piece that is unusual and feminine.

Kate Dwyer – Journalist Camden Haven Courier. – Kate will be doing a mixed media piece for us, which she calls Eye on the Camden Haven.

Leisa Davies – Executive Officer of the Chamber of Commerce and Manager of Hastings Business Enterprise Network. – Leisa is doing a modern mixed media piece, which has two parts. Her use of black and silver with bright colours is very striking.

Leslie Williams – State Member for Port Macquarie. – Leslie is doing a painting for us on a largish scale, which measures 100 cm x 75 cm.

Lynn Lelean – Journalist Reporter NBN News. – Lynn is doing a modern artwork, which promotes her travels and her love of her home at Lake Cathie.

Lynne Bickoff – Successful Local Artist. – Lynne has done a beautiful artwork of abstract guitars, entitled Acoustic Guitars. The piece was inspired by the contemporary guitarist, Anthony Garcia.

Matt Banting – World Surfing. – Matt is also away competing at the moment; however, he is donating to us one of his surfboards with artwork added.

Phil Cassegrain – Business Development Manager Cassegrain Winery. – Phil is currently working on a textured artwork which focuses on his family’s tradition of creating wine.

Rebecca Hicks – Physical Culture National Title Holder. – Rebecca is creating a modern, bright abstract painting for us.

Rob Oakeshott – Federal Member for Lyne – Rob’s artwork is not yet complete, but you’ll be able to view the image on our Facebook page.

Ryley Batt – Wheelchair Rugby Silver Medalist – Ryley is in the process of creating a photo montage of exciting personal images of him playing on the Australia Paralympic Team.

Stacey Morgan – Star FM Radio Presenter. – Stacey is creating a sculpture decorating pointe shoes for us, reflecting her long career as dancer/choreographer/teacher and dance educator with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Tim O’Donnell – Dancer/Choreographer/Artist. – Tim’s artwork became highly recognised during his time with the West Australian Ballet Company, and we are pleased that he has created a graphic artwork for our auction.

Uncle Bill O’Brien – Aboriginal Elder/Chairperson Birpai Land Council. – Uncle Bill is well known in our local area, both for his ongoing community work and his art. Uncle Bill is painting a landscape for us.

Vickii Byram – Journalist Port Macquarie News. – Vickii is creating a mixed media piece which reflects both her work as a wordsmith and her love of the theatre.

Describe the actual auction event …

The artwork will first be on display at Port Central Shopping Centre in the area in front of Ritchies Supa IGA from 5 to 9 March. People will be able to view the pieces and for the cost of a gold coin donation, vote for their ‘People’s Choice’ Artwork.

The artist creating the ‘People’s Choice’ will receive a trophy on auction night. Port Central have generously donated the space to use for the display.

Throughout the week, people who wish to bid but can’t attend the auction will be able to register as bidders and lodge an absentee bid. They can do this by completing a bidders form at the display at Port Central, or by going on to our Eisteddfod Facebook Page and completing a form there.

The actual auction will be held at Port Panthers Auditorium on Friday 9 March at 7.30pm. Stace and Digs from the Star FM Morning Crew are generously giving their time to host and run our auction.

Sharon Green and the Combined Regional High School Jazz Band will be providing us with entertainment at the start of the evening.

It will be possible to still register as a bidders any time prior to the commencement of the auction.

Credit card facilities will be available for purchase of the artworks, and completion of the sales will occur on the night.

Images of all of the paintings are being placed on our Facebook event page entitled Celebrity Art Auction Fundraiser at: http://www.facebook.com/events/220835038012480/

What are the costs to the general public associated with the auction?

There is no cost to the general public to attend. The bar will be open for purchase of drinks as required, and food will not be catered, but available of course, in any of the Club’s eating areas. We will have a raffle with tickets for sale to those who wish to support the Eisteddfod.

Thanks Angela.

Interview by Jo Atkins.



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