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Tony Kundicevic and wife Gabi are the faces behind Port City Steel. Need metal fabrication of any kind? These guys are your “go-to” crew! It doesn’t matter whether you need one of a kind metal casters, roof racks, boat ramps, structural steel beams or any other metal product, Tony can design and manufacture your dream! Port City Steel is also the brains behind BeautPress machinery – a local business showcasing true entrepreneurial and engineering talent.

Hi Tony and Gabi. What originally brought you both to Port Macquarie – and how long have you been locals?

Tony was born and bred in Wauchope and now resides in Port Macquarie. Gabi moved to Port in 2008 from Sydney to raise a family.

Tony, what’s your background in the steel/manufacturing sector?

I was JLG’s very first apprentice. I have manufactured world class machinery in a variety of applications, and have travelled and gained experience in all aspects of machinery application specific to my industry.  

I have also formed a strong relationship with local builders and clients, providing quality product and structural steel requirements.

You’re definitely mechanically minded – and an entrepreneur to boot, Tony! Tell us a bit about “Beautpress”, which you designed and built … what’s it used for?

We have a range of BeautPress machinery, providing a high production of roof trusses, floor joists and floor cassettes. These are pre-fabricated timber housing components used in residential and commercial applications.  

As we speak, you’re currently exporting some machinery to New Zealand. How exciting is this for your business?

Not bad for a local bloke! We’re very excited to venture out of the country and have the potential to expand further. We are currently liaising in relation to exporting to other countries in the future.

Starting a new business always carries risks. How long has Port City Steel been established, and what niche in the market did you identify when you decided to open your doors for trade?

It definitely has its obstacles, and it’s not easy starting a new business.  

We opened our doors in June 2017. We were lucky the machinery side (BeautPress) kept feeding Port City Steel, and we were able to provide jobs for local tradesmen.  

We are hoping to maintain an ongoing relationship with local businesses and builders and to provide a good service at a competitive rate, with the utmost product quality.  

Port City Steel was created to provide general fabrication services, in order to keep our apprentices and tradesmen employed.  

Our niche is that we take on a project which is in the “too hard basket”! We enjoy a challenging project, which involves design and thought. 

What are some of the different types of products you can manufacture/create in your workshop?

Anything and everything “steel”!  

We are also working on a few other projects and prototype products in the health industry.  

In the past year, besides the machinery, we’ve made skating products, structural steel beams, oyster hangers, fencing, fuel tanks, boat ramps, roof racks, castor wheels.  

We enjoy designing new innovative products and assisting with any project.

What are some key ways in which your business can help other local tradies – e.g. builders, engineers, metal workers?

Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the steel industry. With his knowledge and managerial skills, any project will be met with the utmost regard and attention.  

Tony will be happy to share his expertise and knowledge, including design, onsite work, cost, speed and efficiency of any project.

Who are the team behind Port City Steel, and what are their roles?

Tony – owner – sales/quoting, fabrication, designing, CAD drawing, machining, install/commission on site, staff manager and supervisor.

Gabi – office manager – accounts, wages, general office, reception, enquiries, personal assistant and wife to Tony.

Josh – full-time tradesman, specialises in hydraulics, fabrication, customer service and machining.

Dane – apprentice – full-time (from Newman College).

Kurtis – apprentice – part-time/school based (from Newman College).

Patrick and Jason – casual fabricators.

Where can we contact you/find out more about what you do?

Drop in and see us at 6 Albert Circuit, Port Macquarie.  

Call us on 6583 9881 or 0477 221 771. 

Email admin@portcitysteel.com.au or

Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks guys.  

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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