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What started as simple adornments for her children’s rooms has developed into a small business for mother of two Sarah Maltman. She shares with FOCUS her life filled with love for family and art …

Hi Sarah. Introduce us to yourself and your family.

Hi. I’m Sarah, Port Macquarie home-grown. For the past 10 years, I have worked mostly in property management, but am now working in administration. I live with my partner, Dane and our two children Pixie (3) and Eddie (1). Life in our household is very busy!

What is your connection to the Greater Port Macquarie area?

I was born in Port Macquarie, and grew up in the Wauchope and Camden Haven areas. My mother’s family are from a dairy farm in the Camden Haven area and my father’s family, originally from Flinders Island, moved to Port Macquarie in the ’60s. 

Since school, I have also lived and worked in Sydney and Newcastle. However, since having children of my own, the easiest decision I have had to make was to move back to the Mid North Coast and raise them here.

When did discover your love and passion for art work?

I have always been quite visual and creative, experimenting with many different mediums growing up. I did various art classes as a child and teen. However, that was really as a hobby more than anything. I never would have thought that one day I would be looking down the path of running a small business!

How did you hone in on your passion and turn it into a talent? Was it a natural progression?

Funny story, really. When Pixie was born, I would sit up in the wee hours of the morning, scrolling through my Instagram feed – making midnight online purchases and entering competitions (whoops!) After winning a group competition one night, I began to talk to the other winners – a mix of young, first time mothers like myself. We essentially formed our own virtual mothers group and would speak about our dreams and life goals. 

I mentioned that I was thinking of starting a small business on the side – for my sanity, more than anything! With their guidance, so began “Pocket Full of Pixies”. Along with the support and wise words from locals Emma at Four Espresso, and fellow hand-maker Holly from TopKnot Girl, my confidence has grown as an artist, and I love what I do.

Tell us about some of the beautiful artworks you offer at Pocket Full of Pixies…

Initially, my focus was artwork for children’s nurseries, from baby animals to floral wreaths, milestone cards and birth announcements. Now, my primary focus seems to be family portraits. I love the fact that each painting is so individual and shows the same emotion (if not more) than the original photo that my clients pass over at the start.

When it comes to creative inspiration, where do you seek yours?

Mostly my clients. I do love a good Pinterest board or to scroll through Instagram or Etsy and take inspiration and ideas from there, but most of the time, clients come to me with a vision and I just run with it. 

I am willing to try anything – so far so good, I think?

You’re currently working on a new project …

Yes – and I am so excited. Renee from Hastings Laser Cutting recently approached me with a fantastic idea – personalised wedding-cake toppers with a silhouette of the bride and groom; and the result was amazing! Since then, we have brainstormed and branched out to family or couple silhouettes on large timber boards. Beautiful idea for a housewarming, engagement or any gift, really. It’s so special – we can’t wait to see where this will go …

Where can our readers go to follow you and purchase their own Pocket Full of Pixies artwork?

You can find me on both Facebook and Instagram – @ pocketfullofpixies. 

Thanks Sarah.

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