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James Gallagher from the Pixiekills fills us in on what’s been happening since these local lads moved to the big smoke. The band will be coming back to visit us at FOTSUN in December …



You’re all from Port Macquarie. Tell us who makes up the band and what drew you all together?

We started out as a band of four, but now we have three – me, my brother Andrew and my best mate Sam Hunter on drums. Sam and I have been pretty much best mates since about 15. I really wanted to be in a band, so I pretty much forced him to play the drums, taught him what I knew – he was the closest person to me then.

What changes have you expeienced, and how have you grown as a band in recent times?

We were together as a four piece for a while, but when we moved to Sydney, our lead guitarist left – he joined the Foreign Objects. We basically had to reassess and start again – especially me.

I had to learn the guitar role within the band and learn our old songs as a three piece. It’s been a big change with just us three, but we are loving it. We have a few new songs and the whole vibe of the group is different, but really great.

What’s living in Sydney been like for you?

It’s like everywhere I guess; it depends on who you know and who’s getting represented. There are a lot of good bands down here that are breaking up, and you stop and think, “Wow, it’s really hard”. The market is so much bigger down here, but there are a lot of people around and they like going to music gigs. So it’s fun, and we just gotta keep doing our thing and working at it.

We have had a few gigs down here and we have some warm up gigs coming up to get us ready for our return home and Festival of the Sun.

As you mwntioned, you’re returning home in December and playing at Festival of the Sun. Are you excited?

Oh man we can’t wait! We have been to the last four and to be playing at this one; we are just so pumped. We will be on the Friday afternoon which is great, so hopefully everyone will be keen and ready to rock.

When is your next EP out?

We’re hoping to have something ready before FOTSUN, but that might be a little too eager for us at the moment – we’ll see how it goes. When we do release something though, it will be good. We want to do most of it ourselves; we want to make sure it’s right and be proud of it.

We look back at our first EP, and that was us learning … me starting out.

I have learnt a lot since that first time – mainly about sound and how it should be done. Our goal is to have our own set up, so we can release as many songs as we want.

What do you enjoy the most when performing live?

Mmm, well Jack Wyatt said it best, “You’re not just playing your music; you’re putting on a show”, as that’s how I like to think of it. You want people to believe what you’re doing. I think that’s why people like the Pixiekills, because there’s that honesty there when performing. We aren’t pretending to be anything we’re not; we are just three dudes who play Rock and Roll and love doing it.

What plans do you have for the next 12 months?

I’d say at the moment we will just continue our writing as mentioned before. Hopefully we’ll have something to release soon. We’ll continue with our gigs and enjoy what we are doing and hopefully get a few more shows.

Thanks James.

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