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Welcome to Percival Property. Michelle and Michael are excited about the launch of their new company.





Congratulations on the launch of Percival Property. For those who do not know of you, please tell us a little about yourselves and your company.

Thank you. We are very excited about our new direction.

Michelle and I have been involved in the real estate industry all of our working lives. Our combined experience now runs into excess of 56 years. So, we strongly believe that our clients enjoy many benefits as a result of taking advantage of our long experience in the industry. We have always had a reputation for delivering service excellence throughout our careers.

Now that we have our name over the door of our business, we are even more determined to deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients, because the service and experience produced by Percival Property will now reflect on us personally even more than it has previously in our business lives.

Our company, Percival Property is specialising in providing high quality Property Management services to residential property owners in Port Macquarie. As such, we have a very focused approach to being the very best property managers. We have a long history of providing great service, which we will be building on to ensure that when people are thinking about property management, they automatically think of Percival Property.

How do you excel in the service you offer both clients and tenants?

It’s interesting. Michelle and I have been very successful in our business over many years, by many different measures, including franchise and Real Estate Institute Awards. Thus, with our new direction and using our new brand, we have never been more focused on really being the very best we can be. You get to a point in your business career where it becomes all about being the best you possibly can be and giving absolutely amazing service. We know, based on many years in the industry, that we have the right team, the right skills, the right brand and location along with our invaluable experience to create brilliant outcomes for the owners and tenants who come to Percival Property.

How do we excel in the service we offer? We believe we are the most passionate, genuine and experienced team, and we are absolutely determined to give our clients the best service available!

Who is on your team; please introduce them.

We are extremely fortunate to have the quality of people that we have in our team. Property management is a demanding, technical and precise industry that requires high levels of experience and skill. Apart from Michelle and I, who have more than half a century of experience, all of our team have many long years in their areas of expertise. Our Senior Property Managers, Megan Wilson and Vanessa Alderton have in excess of 16 years in the industry each. Their experience is priceless! Natalie Manning is, quite simply, one of the best leasing specialists we have ever encountered, and we are inundated with compliments regarding her customer service.

Rick Owen has long experience in the building industry and is the perfect person to conduct our regular inspections every 12 weeks. He often picks up maintenance matters that less experienced people would otherwise miss and has saved our owners thousands of dollars by identifying minor issues before they become big problems. Our support staff are brilliant! Kerry has had a very long career in office management with a major Australian company, bringing invaluable skills to her position.

Jenny Magill combines an extensive background in IT and web development along with property management experience and marketing, where she continues to simplify and improve efficiency of property management systems for our landlords and tenants. Rebecca Hall, our receptionist, has 30 years’ experience in customer service. Rebecca’s warm and friendly personality provides a fresh and welcoming point of contact for our clients.

We are extremely fortunate with the quality of our team, and it is our clients who enjoy the benefits.

The Percival Property difference really comes down to our extensive experience, enormous desire to give property consumers extraordinary value for their money, and our never-ending passion for property management and customer care. We have been in this industry for 28 years, and we still love coming to work every day! Apart from our passion and enthusiasm, we offer very distinct advantages to clients with our experienced team, inspections every 12 weeks, a very high ratio of staff to properties ensuring great service, and very high quality marketing for our properties.

Tell us about your approach to tenants.

One of the best things about our agency is the way we look after our tenants. We treat our tenants with great respect. After all, we have all rented before, and we regard our tenants as asset care takers of our rental properties.

We welcome our tenants with a gift when they move into their new home, and we aim to attend to all their requests, including repairs, immediately. All of our tenants have our personal mobile numbers, so they can contact us at anytime, including weekends, if necessary.

Thank you Michelle and Michael. All the best with your new venture.

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