Paul Greene – ‘Work Love Dance Trust’

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If there was ever a song that gave inspiration to people going through a tough time, it’s Paul Greene’s “‘Work Love Dance Trust’.
The hugely infectious slab of acoustic pop confronts the harsh realities of the world: times get hard, effort is not always rewarded, and good guys don’t always win.

But there’s no reason to dwell on the negatives; the world is still a wonderful place and just about anything is possible. If you really try there is always a good time to be had – even while you’re working. Don’t agree? Then you need to hear the song.

Greene has forged his way through constant touring, and it was not uncommon for the audience to request ‘Work Love Dance Trust’, even if it was at a place he had never been to before. It became evident that this song, without any media hype or record company promotion, had taken on a life of its own.

It may have taken a few years and a lot of touring for the song to mature, but it was welcomed with anticipation wherever its creator took his critically acclaimed one man show.

It was obvious that ‘Work Love Dance Trust’ was one of those songs whose message ensures it gets handed on from person to person, and is part of a handful of songs that has helped Greene gain a loyal band of supporters any touring act would be grateful for.

‘Work Love Dance Trust’, recorded in the studio for the first time in 2008, is lifted from Greene’s highest selling album to date, ‘Distance Over Time’ (Whirl Records/Shock).

The album has received rave reviews, topped the iTunes Roots charts for weeks on end, featured in ABC Radio National’s ‘Album of the Wee’, and dragged Paul out of obscurity (if you can call selling 35,000 records independently that obscure) and into the mainstream public’s eye for the first time.

Now a regular on the festival circuit, the past year has seen him perform alongside some of the world’s best musicians at East Coast Blues & Roots Festival, Queenscliff, Toyota Muster, Festival of the Sun, Coastfest, Deni Ute Muster, Caloundra Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Peat’s Ridge to tens of thousands of music fans, and where ‘Distance Over Time’ album sales raised more than a few eyebrows.

Greene’s praises have been sung by just about everyone he has worked with, including but not limited to Pete Murray, Midnight Oil, Ani DiFranco, Patty Griffin and The Waifs.

Not surprisingly, his current album has been a critic’s favourite – Melbourne’s 3PBS’s tipped it as one of the best Blues & Roots albums on week of release, while Sydney Morning Herald’s Bernard Zuel remarked how he moves effortlessly “from rustic folk-pop to unreconstructed rocker; from herbal roots ex-surfer type to intense singer-songwriter”.

“Greene’s genuine songwriting stands above all else,” proclaimed Newcastle Herald.

“You could be forgiven for thinking we may have our own Jack Johnson, but Greene is more than that!” exclaims the Daily Telegraph.

DIG radio says, “Paul Greene is growing into one of the best Australian singer songwriters,” while Nova called his music “refreshingly honest and as catchy as you like.”

One of the best live performers you are ever likely to see, Paul Greene has built a loyal and enthusiastic following on his willingness to get out on the road and tour, and tour, and tour. This incomparable work ethic probably has something to do with his previous incarnation as a sprinter … but that’s another story.

Paul Greene plays at Port City Bowling Club on Friday 25th September 2009. Doors open at 8pm and entry is free. For more details, contact the club on 6583 1133.

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