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Feeling good and experiencing pleasure is something we humans are constantly on the hunt for. Looking to discover new ways to achieve it, harking back to the familiar and tested paths we already know – the world is full of opportunities to reach out and grab some.

Luckily for us all, pleasure exists in both simple and complex forms and can be as easy to achieve as simply taking a moment to watch the waves on a sunny day, or having a laugh with a friend, or even just ticking something off a to-do list!

On the flipside though, there’s the inevitable tendency of human nature to go for the complex version and the sometimes jaded curse of adulthood leads us to seek out increasingly hedonistic pursuits of enjoyment.

We might be chasing the buzz, the rush, the adrenalin, the highest forms of pleasure to compensate for the nondescript and painful times that might occupy a good-sized portion of the rest of our lives.

Although, another way to look at it is that life is too short to not try everything there is to try – to experience the best of what life has to offer while it is still possible to do so …

All that aside, it is impossible to differentiate from the quality of the simple or the complex kids of pleasure. Both can equally cause us to be glad to be alive in exactly the same way!

Of course, it is always possible to use food as a way to illustrate this, and that is exactly what I’m about to do …

The simple pleasures abounding in the consumption of food are limitless. Biting into a fresh, juicy and crunchy apple, chocolate (needs no endorsement), freshly buttered toast, a perfect chicken schnitzel, homemade broth when you’re feeling under the weather, ice-cream on a summer’s day … this list could fill the space of the entire article if I let it – these every day consumables all have the power to make the world a sunnier place for a moment, as well as unlock the treasure chest of good food memories that we all keep from our childhoods.

Some food related pleasures possess the ability to be both simple and complex. For example, the humble oyster. Seemingly a simple foodstuff, plucked from the river and often consumed in its natural state, without adornment or embellishment. It’s entirely untampered with appeal lies in the saltiness, brininess and instant reminiscence of the body of water from which it came.

But should you pair it with a subtle yet sophisticated dressing, and add a glass of fabulous Chablis, it becomes a feast for the senses – in fact, up there with the pinnacles of fine dining wow factor.

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this, although if you want to ramp it up a notch there’s the whole foodie experience of a special meal in a great restaurant from start to finish, pulling all the stops out and sparing no expense … When the simple and essential act of eating stretches to way beyond the need for fuel for one’s body and becomes a transcendental journey of pleasure and indulgence involving all of the senses …

The contrast is mind blowing, when you hark back to the humble apple. As is the fact that it is all still food – necessary for our survival, yet all of it capable of giving us the most exquisite pleasure.

Such is the rich tapestry of life itself – sometimes simple, sometimes incredibly complex. Yet, always there is the capacity for wonder. And that is what keeps us all going!

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