Palate Pleasures – Miriam Margolyes at the Stunned Mullet

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Last week we were honoured to host a famous and extremely talented guest at the Mullet. That guest was Miriam Margolyes, an incredible character actress and charismatic personality who was in town to perform her one woman show – Dickens’ Women.

We were fortunate enough to not only have the pleasure of hosting such a talented and interesting woman at our restaurant, but also to be able to head down to the Glasshouse and see her show.

Now, my grasp on Charles Dickens’ literature is slippery to say the least, but Miriam’s performance was so completely compelling and I was in total awe of the presence of such amazing talent right there before me, that I was utterly captivated by the show.

And what struck me then was, how lucky are we to have such illustrious visitors gracing our town?

The show Dickens’ Women has toured extensively around the world since it was first launched at the Edinburgh Festival back in1989, and I had to pinch myself that it was all there before me on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in Port Macquarie, in the comfort of our very own Glasshouse.

These kinds of special events are no longer few and far between, but happening all the time. As we speak, we at the Mullet are getting ready to host 6 young and hot Hunter Valley winemakers for the second year in a row for a brilliant ‘Pop up Wine Dinner’ on 15 May.

Such winemaking talent as Andrew Thomas of Thomas Wines, Andrew Margan of Margan Wines and Rhys Eather of Meerea Park will be stopping in to dine with us and as many local patrons as we can cram in to the restaurant, as part of their ‘Caravan of Courage’, heading up the coast from Melbourne to Noosa.

We are looking forward to seeing these boys again and having another memorable, or should I say, foggy evening? As they say on their website: “Lock up your Daughters and open your wine vaults”.

This event is so special in that it brings the wine and the people who created it directly to the people … or rather, it removes some of the mystique and let’s call it ‘pomp’ surrounding wine and teaches us all that there are no rules or specific etiquette when it comes to exploring wines. There really is only an obligation to try different wines, enjoy them in good company and to have a darn good time doing so.

Indeed, we are blessed to live in a place now considered big enough to attract noteworthy local and international talent, but still small enough that we can wander down Horton St, saying hello to people we know as we go.

It still just takes 7 minutes to drive from home at Lighthouse Beach to the Mullet. And every day we get to gaze at that beautiful coastline and breathe fresh sea air. We really do have it all.

And all we need to do to keep the ball rolling with attracting all this talent is to keep supporting it when it graces our fair shore. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled to what’s happening around town and buy those tickets as soon as they go on sale.

I’ll say it again. How lucky are we?

Please note: since this article was published, the ‘Pop up Wine Dinner’ has regrettably sold out.

This story was published in issue 78 of Port Macquarie Focus 

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