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The sun is shining (hopefully), the car is packed to the brim, or perhaps there’s a mad and sweaty dash to the airport. Rooms are booked, your mobile home is attached, or maybe a patch of grass is reserved for your tent when you reach your destination.

Whichever way you choose to play it, there’s no hiding the happy fact that a long-awaited holiday (or surprisingly spontaneous holiday) has finally arrived!

Right here and right now, it’s a rite of passage. Come January, leave is booked, routines are thrown to the wind and it is time for serious down time, family time, chill time, or even action time, if that’s what floats your boat.

A holiday is one of life’s punctuation marks. A pause, time to regroup, revive, refresh. A much-needed change in perspective and a chance to explore an unfamiliar environment and make all kinds of discoveries.

That really is the true beauty of the holiday concept. The most awesome side effect of putting oneself on the outside of one’s comfort zone (even if only a little, or potentially a lot), is the ability you suddenly have access to of being able to make the magical moments that memories are made of happen.

Perhaps it is just a kind of blissful state that you reach when the random factors and risks that come with exploring the unexplored, seem to magically come together. Kind of like getting lost in the bush and then chancing upon a most excellent pub in which to revive yourself. “What a great adventure,” you think. And the beer tastes extra delicious, when you’ve had to go through a bit of an ordeal to get it.

Holidays are a somewhat safe way to take a risk and wind up with a reward. You can Trip Advisor ‘til the cows come home, but ultimately everything’s subjective and someone else’s nirvana might easily be your version of hell. Chance upon that magic combination though, and you will arrive home glowing from head to toe, with fond memories that last a lifetime.

Holidays are a way for adults to play, to hark back to that childish excitement in discovering and learning new things. Come on, who doesn’t get a kid in a candy store feeling even just slightly upon checking in and unlocking the door to your new digs?

And that first morning of waking up in a new place … the sheer excitement of what to do, where to go, the need to explore and check things out! Admittedly, age and the factor of holidaying with little kids seem to add a glaze of exhaustion to the proceedings, but the joy and the freedom of the new frontier still remains.

It doesn’t matter where you go – a campsite down the road or a jaunt over the ocean to the other hemisphere – a holiday is a holiday. A chance to unwind, rewind, ponder the present, forget the past or simply sleep and eat a lot (if you’re lucky).

Even if you book the same place at the same time every year and try to avoid all pitfalls of the potluck approach, the basic concept remains the same. Rest, rejuvenation, quality time with the most important people in your life. A different take on life, away from the mundane and everyday realities of home.

Home may be where the heart is, but holidays are for the head – kind of a way to hit the reset button.

Whatever way you holiday – may it be a chance to stop and breathe, laugh and learn … and yes, eat and sleep as much as possible!

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