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We used to proclaim the above message loud and clear, scrawled on the huge blackboard encompassing an entire wall of the restaurant.  And there might have been a somewhat unsubstantiated claim there too, in the vein of – “medical research says you should!”

Back in the day before we hung our wonderful artwork by local artist Leanne Prussing on that wall, you may or may not have had a giggle at these words.

Of course, life is way too short to fiddle around with wine-by-the-glass, when you can just uncork or unscrew the whole bottle, we say. Why not throw caution to the wind and live a little?

Easy for you to say, I hear you mutter. The whole Designated Driver thing, for instance … hmm … that’s right, we actually all had to do that “Responsible service of alcohol” course, and are in fact legally bound to provide a duty of care to our patrons and not encourage you to get in a car when you are over the limit.

Slightly less life or death but also a hallmark of responsible adulthood, there is also the notion of “It’s a school night!” As in, if that bottle gets opened, there’s quite a good chance that there won’t be a drop remaining – as this often seems to be the natural progression of things in this particular situation.

So, if that temptation wasn’t sitting there in front of you with your name on it, perhaps you might be able to summon the strength required in order to have a lovely mid-week night out involving only just a glass or two of vino, and actually be able to greet the following morning with a completely non-fuzzy head. It is a completely win-win situation, isn’t it? A way to have your cake (and wine!) and eat it too.

Previously on this page, I had talked about my reservations about offering a large variety of wines by the glass on our wine list. This reluctance has always stemmed (pardon the pun!) from wanting to offer wine in its most optimum condition, and wine being intrinsically a delicate, changeable and easily damaged living fluid, has meant that I have always felt uncomfortable about offering wine that had been opened at an earlier time, be it a day, or two or three, or more. Regardless of any attempts to preserve it (refrigeration, suction pumps, a variety of re-sealing devices), the disappointment to be experienced from encountering oxidised wines seemed to be a recurring theme.

To provide an alternative, we added to the wine list an extremely comprehensive selection of half-bottles. This has proven to be a wonderful option for customers wanting to experience wine in its premium state, whilst achieving moderation in alcohol consumption, as well as providing flexibility in ordering wines to match courses, i.e. a white with oysters and a red with steak etc.

Whilst a very successful initiative, it still seemed a shame not to be able to offer much actually by the glass. And with a cellar full of fascinating wines, that begged to be tasted and enjoyed and also checked from time to time purely to see if they were ready to drink or not, it was time for a miracle.

And luckily for the cellar, that miracle has arrived in the form of an amazing device called the Coravin. Put simply, a thin, hollow needle slides through the foil and cork into the bottle. The bottle is then pressurised with argon (a harmless gas sans odor and taste) which pushes wine back out through the needle and into your glass without letting any oxygen into the bottle. Once the needle is removed, argon is left in its place (hence no oxidation), the cork reseals itself and the remaining wine continues to naturally age as if it was never touched.

We have road-tested this most excellent device for a few months and are now extremely excited to be able to offer a great selection of some exclusive wines by the glass now. This is a game changer and is completely revolutionary and emancipating for restaurants and wine bars, and absolutely worth investing in for anyone with a cherished cellar and passion for wine. Happy drinking!

For those of you also excited by the Coravin, we exclusively and for the first time in Australia are able to offer them for sale through the restaurant. For more details, call us on          6584 7757 or email Lou:

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